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Vlad Axel - ultra runner Vlad Axel - ultra runner

Vlad Ixel is a passionate and highly successful ultra trail runner. Vlad recently represented Australia in the Sky Running World Championships in Chamonix, France. Vlad was selected for the Australian Trail Championship squad following his dominant performances throughout the Asian Pacific Region posting victories in Hong Kong's TransLantau 50,TNF 100 Singapore, TNF 100 Thailand, Hoka One One Kep Ultra 75, TMBT and finishing 3rd at Vibram 100 Hong Kong Ultra World Series all in 2014. To finish off the year Vlad was named runner up Vegan athlete of the year.

Vlad was born in the coastal city of Odessa, Ukraine when he was 4 years old he moved to Haifa, Israel.

At Haifa he spent most of his time outdoors, playing soccer in parking lots, playing tag on the road, racing with his pals up and down the street, and seeking out other forms of activity considered fun. Playing in the streets of Haifa satiated his desire to compete. Soon his father introduced him to hiking through Israel’s hills and mountains and nature trails which are his most fond childhood memories.

When he was 14 year old he moved to Perth, Australia and began a life in what was then a foreign country. It was in Australia that his passion for sport enable him to integrate into the community and he developed a passion for tennis. He progressed quickly in tennis and soon was rated among the state’s top juniors. This did not last and he decided to quit tennis after his17th birthday following a few unsuccessful international tournaments.

He enjoyed normal life with regular visits to the gym and the sporadic soccer game and began to study. He was not really into studying, but study he did.

Then like many Australians he took the obligatory 9-month trip to see the world and travelled in Europe and around Australia but returned to Perth tired of that lifestyle and looking for something more.

It was then he decided to try for the Perth marathon which was several weeks away. With a pretty haphazard training regime of several weeks he still managed to complete the marathon. After the pain of the first marathon he raced his second marathon just a few weeks later.

He was begining to find his 'mojo' for running and after completing that race he decided to take on the Atacama Crossing, a 250 km self-supported stage race across Chile’s Atacama Desert. After finishing in 2nd place, his passion for ultra running was born and before he knew it he was flying around the world racing in some of the most amazing locations around globe.

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Vlad Axel wearing AMO Transformer sunglasses during the North Face 100 trail run in Thailand in 2015Vlad Axel wearing AMO Transformer sunglasses during the North Face 100 trail run in Thailand in 2015 


Additional Info

  • Occupation: Personal Trainer
  • Specialist sport(s): Ultra running, ultra marathon
  • Sports highlights:

    Atacama crossing 250km stage race, Chile- 2nd

    Kep ultra marathon 75km,(5;45 course record), Australia -1st

    TMBT ultra marathon 100km, Malaysia - 1st

    The North face 100km, Singapore - 1st

    The north face 50km, Hong Kong -2nd ( Dropped from 100k to 50k)


    Vibram Hong Kong 100km, hong kong -3rd

    The North Face 100km, Thailand, ( 8;34 course record) -1st

    TransLantau 50km,Hong Kong -1st

    Yam 2 Yam 54km, Israel - 1st

    Haifa Stair race, Israel - 3rd

    TMBT ultra marathon 25km, Malaysia - 1st

    The North Face 100km, Singapore - 1st 

    Rally TT 25km trail race, Hong Kong - 1st 

    MSIG 25 trail race, Hong Kong - 2nd

    Race to feed 10km road- 1st (32:33 Course record)

    Taiwan 50km trail race, Taiwan - 1st (5;32;11 Course record)

    Ramp Challange 10k trail race, Hong Kong - 1st

    King of the hills (race-1) 30km trail, Hong Kong -1st

    MSIG 50km and Vertical K, Hong Kong -2nd (combined ranking)

    The North Face 50km, Hong Kong -1st (5;40;10 Course record)

    Ramp Challange 14k trail race, Hong Kong - 1st


    Cheung Chau New Year Race 10k, Hong Kong - 2nd 

    King of the hills (race-2) 35km trail, Hong Kong - 2nd

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