25 Feb 2016

Triathlon Sunglasses: Seeing Through The Glare [Third Party Review]

Kaitlyn price wearing AMO Prowler sunglasses Kaitlyn price wearing AMO Prowler sunglasses

A third party review of AMO sunglasses written by Kaitlyn Price, New Zealand, Junior Elite Triathlete.

Summer is brutal. Especially during a long course triathlon. 90 km of staring down a long stretch of road, hoping to see the turn around in the distance. It was at this point one realises that asphalt has a liquid state. It’s during these events you realise that good triathlon sports sunglasses are ESSENTIAL equipment. But any old sports sunglasses just won’t do. You need good ones. You need specialist triathlon sports sunglasses that are: 


Picture this. Staring down your competition on the bike, sweat drying off your face. Ok, time to put the gas down and break them. The last thing you need is your triathlon sports sunglasses slipping down your nose. 

That’s why AMO sunglasses added the adjustable nose piece and temple arms as a feature. These features stop your triathlon sports sunglasses moving and aid triathletes in staying aero and staying focused. The same goes for the run. You don’t have time to fiddle with your triathlon sport sunglasses when they bounce around. There is a medal to be won! 

That’s why AMO sunglasses design their frames with adjustable temples arms to provide a comfortable, sticky and dynamic grip. 


AMO sunglasses have developed specialist sports sunglasses for triathletes that are available in a wide variety of lens tints. This includes anything from polarised to low light or photo chromatic to mirrored to tackle any condition on race day. AMO sunglasses lenses add contrast and depth to enhance vision and spot any hazards on the course, especially if the sun is in your face. 


AMO sunglasses not only feel good but look great on. As you pass the competition the sports sunglasses hide your true feelings of fatigue, making you look calm and collected. Therefore, leaving your competition in the dust and the finish photos look great! 

 AMO sunglasses are PROVEN to tick off all boxes. They are Tested and proven by real long course athletes. Such as myself. Who tested these sunglasses on the legendary 25 year old Hell of The West and tackled the dry Adelaide heat in the ITU Junior Elite Duathlon World Champs. 

This third party blog was written in February 2016 by Kaitlyn Price who is wears AMO Sunglasses as part of her essential equipment. 
 Kaitlyn is one of the worlds top junior triathletes whose recent results include 1st Hell of the West Age Group, 5th ITU Junior Elite Duathlon World Champs in Adelaide, 3rd Noosa Triathlon Age Group, 2nd QLD State Aquathlon Champs 18-19yrs and 1st QLD State Sprint Distance Champs 18-19yrs. 


Thank you for reading this blog and as a reward for reading this far, AMO sunglasses are offering you an additional 10% discount if you purchase a new pair of AMO sports sunglasses. Just enter discount code "BLOG1071" at the AMO Shop.


There are also similar blogs and artlcles about sports sunglasses and mutisports on the AMO Webpage at

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