As always, AMO products never fail to disappoint. The AMO shield sunglasses weighs in at a feathery 32g which is one of the lightest in the market. The latest release does away with the frame completely and is designed for totally unobstructed vision – a winning feature for any ironman athlete when you have to spend hours in an aero position in my opinion! By eliminating the frame, AMO has created their widest unobstructed range of view yet. With distortion-free, crisp vision across the entire lens, and plenty of coverage to boot, the lightweight glasses literally disappear on your face, leaving you completely immersed in your environment.

Even though the lens forms the main structure of the glasses, they feel surprisingly robust, not flexy or cheap like some frameless sunglasses do. I didn’t experience any fogging even in major humidity, which left a few riding buddies flying blind as they took off from a stop light. The large lens didn’t tap the brow of any of the helmets I tried them with, like some big sports glasses do.

One of the major complaints I’ve had with other brands sunglasses in the past is that the long earsocks tend to overlap with some helmets' retention systems. It's not a major annoyance, but if your helmet moves so will the glasses. Shield and all other AMO models in general has a fully adjustable nosepiece and temple arms designed to be bent to shape and moulded to fit your head which significantly improving comfort and prevent rubbing and movement during exercise. It comes with a spare set of temple arms so I can match them with my bike and outfit.

In short, AMO Shield is durable, light weight, does not slip, no steam, adjustable nosepiece, changeable temple arms, no frame to obstruct vision, distortion-free vision and with plenty of coverage. I strongly recommend it!

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I am a elite triathlete in Hong Kong and train with the Hong Kong triathlon team. I am serious about all my equipment including my sports sunglasses.
For the last 2 years, I’ve been wearing a few different AMO models with various lens options within the AMO sunglasses range
I am writing this review as I consider that AMO sunglasses are a great addition to any athlete’s training and racing kit. I wear my AMO sunglasses during training sessions and always for triathlon racing. 
My favourite AMO sunglasses are the Ironcatcher and Prowler from the Transformer series.
I the features I like about the Transformer range are as follows:
I like the fact that I can easily interchange the lenses depending on the weather and light conditions This gives me great versatility. 
clip lock systemclip lock system
The lenses in the AMO Transformer range are super easy to change using their "Click-lock" system.
I love the non-slide nose pieces and the adjustable temple arms.
These design features are important as I don’t like my spots sunglasses sliding down or moving around on my nose when I happen to glance down at my aero bars on the bike or to check my heart rate monitor. 
The nose pieces grip firmly, don’t slide and the temple arms are flexible and can be adjusted to the width of my head in order to more firmly ‘hug’ my head and avoid any movement. 
The adjustable nose pieces also prevent the AMO sunglasses from bouncing up and down when I’m running.
Adjustable nose pieceAdjustable nose piece
AMO Sunglasses are the first sunglasses I’ve used which have never fogged up during training or racing no matter what time of year it is or what sort of training session I’m doing.
This is a great feature if you train early or at altitude.
I’ve recently started racing in the AMO photochromic lenses which change colour depending on the lighting conditions.
These are the best for race day as our transition preparation and warm up usually begins when it’s still dark out with the race start just around when the sun is beginning to rise. By the time we get on the bike, the to sun is blaring.  
Regardless of sun or clouds or if it’s overcast and rainy, the AMO photochromic lenses will adjust to provide the prefect amount of shade or be almost clear since to be used for safety purposes.
Lens accessories6 350x350Lens accessories6 350x350
I like my AMO sunglasses so much that I also wear the AMO Nimbus model from the Typhoon series as casual wear when I’m not training.
I would recommend AMO sunglasses to any triathlete. For me, they are truly outstanding sports sunglasses that are designed by a triathlete who understand what I need!

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As a professional triathlete with very sensitive eyes, I wear sunglasses pretty much whenever I am spending time outside.

In the past years, I have worked myself through a big variety of triathlon sunglasses and never found a pair of triathlon sunglasses that really suited me as I am someone who sweats a lot when exercising and often they would slide and move around on my face.

In addition, I live in Switzerland which has a variety of different weather conditions under which I am training and racing with temperatures between 7 and 35 degrees and sometimes rain and sun in the same race!

Until I found my AMO Sunglasses, I could not manage to find one single pair of triathlon sunglasses that just worked for me.

Frustrated, I almost gave up but then a good friend who told me about the AMO Sunglasses, I checked out their webpage and was impressed by the intensive field testing and serious research and development that had gone into these sport sunglasses for triathletes. So, I decided to contact AMO Sunglasses to see if they would allow me to try out a pair of their triathlon sunglasses.

We started off with the AMO Ironcatcher model and I was just thrilled by its technology and functionality.

From that day one on, I did not have problems with fogging up, slippage and movement of the sunglasses due my sweating and suitability for the change of weather conditions and the disciplines (from bike to run).

It was also great as due to the adjustable temple arms there was no longer any pain behind my ears or trouble with the sunglasses falling off my face and losing the sunglasses when cycling or running on bumpy ground.

I can definitely say that AMO Sunglasses provide a pair of triathlon sunglasses that I can wear any time for any discipline in any weather and that provide me with a permanent clear view.

In addition to that, you can make these triathlon sunglasses fit your personal facial features perfectly (with adjustable temple arms and nose pieces) and I think they also look great in any given situation.

I have been wearing the AMO Ironcatcher for two years now and am still so happy with them that I keep recommending AMO Sunglasses to all my friends who are looking for a pair of triathlon sunglasses that are high in quality and fair in price – even if that means that they have to order it online and get it shipped from a place quite far away from where we live. They are worth it.

The Ironcatcher model has become my triathlon racing sunglasses. They were on my nose when I won the World Title in my Age-Group on the Olympic Distance Triathlon of the ITU Grand Final in Chicago (October 2015) as well as when I won silver (2015) and bronze (2016) at the ETU Half Distance Triathlon European Championship.

These are triathlon sports sunglasses that are truly made for champions!

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The following are independent reviews done of AMO’s sports sunglasses. AMO does no pay for any independent reviews.

So after having the pleasure of testing a pair AMO glasses from their Transformer range I thought I would give an insight as to how I got on with the glasses and what my overall thoughts are.

Firstly before the use of any technical mumbo jumbo my first impression of these glasses when I saw them online was that they looked great! As someone who is picky about what eyewear they use the look of the glasses with their various color & adjustability options certainly appealed to me. On receiving them in the post it was very obvious to see the quality of the product & also the thought put into the packaging especially the very cool futuristic silver glasses case that I like a lot.

I must admit when I first tested the glasses I did not realize the amount of adjustability the glasses actually had until I watched one of Tim’s great videos about the Transformer. I have had problems previously with glasses sliding down my nose during training or racing especially during running, the transformer tackles this with its adjustable arms which can be bent in order to mold to your head meaning I have had no more issues with my glasses moving around on my face. I also love the interchangeable arms on the Transformer & as you can see from the picture above the revo blue forks looks great with the high quality revo blue tinted lenses. Just this month I was able to put the glasses to the test in Portugal where, due to the amount of time we were spending out in the sun, it was very important to provide my eyes with the correct protection. Not only were these glasses super comfortable during the many hours of biking & running but they offered my eyes great protection from the elements.

AMO triathlon sunglassesAMO triathlon sunglasses

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The following are independent reviews done of AMO’s sports sunglasses. AMO does no pay for any independent reviews.

This product review is by Taryn Gaudin. Taryn is a triathlete based in Townsville, North Queensland. After discovering the sport as an adult, she has been racing solidly for a year and recently represented Australia while competing in the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Chicago. She works as a physio and is a mum to one.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out one of the latest products from Hardcore Brands — a range of sunglasses by Advanced Multisport Optics (AMO). Over the past two weeks I have been using them cycling, trail running, and — to be honest — out and about in general (yes, I love them that much!).

These sunglasses come with a range of features and can be customised to suit your needs. With multiple lens options, there are lenses to suit any climate, light and virtually any land-based sport. I tested them in their most basic form and have to say that even without all the ‘bells and whistles’ that can come with these sunglasses, I am still impressed.

For me, sunglasses primarily need to serve the purpose to protect your eyes, make you more comfortable, and it’s a bonus if they look good. AMO Sunglasses block 100% of UV rays, and are certainly stylish – see for yourself!

AMO Sunglasses review by Taryn GaudinAMO Sunglasses review by Taryn Gaudin

The prominent features that I most enjoyed were:

  • Lightweight — I feels like you aren’t wearing anything on your face.
  • Breathable — The small ‘pockets’ at the top of the lens meant they didn't fog up like other sunglasses I have worn in the past.
  • Firm fit — I have a smaller face and often find poor-fitting sunnies ‘bouncing around’ the most annoying of all. AMO Sunglasses fit snug, so I wasn't wasting valuable time shifting positions (running or on the bike) to readjust them. The adjustable nosepiece and temple ends ensure AMOs will fit any face snuggly.

What features would I opt for in customising my AMOs?

  • I would certainly upgrade to the hydrophobic lenses [a coating that allows water or sweat to simply roll off the lens] given the humidity in North Queensland.
  • Due to personal preferences, I would opt for AMO’s polarized premium NXT lenses — these are designed to ensure there is no compromise in optical clarity from the polarization.
  • I would also consider the photochromic lens option. Having raced in conditions where the light is changing (e.g. through traffic tunnels in larger cities, or running through the rainforest); not having to adjust your head position/position of sunglasses to adjust to changing light conditions would be a luxury worth indulging in!

These sunglasses are durable and worth every penny. Having tested them extensively, I would definitely invest in a pair of AMO Sunglasses knowing that they would serve as the one pair of sunglasses that I could use for all of my land-based sports and leisure activities.

Check out our current range of AMO Sunglasses here. Stay tuned as we add more great AMO products.

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Check out our current range of AMO Sunglasses here. BUY NOW at our web shop with discount code TG10 to get an immediate 10% discount.

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