19 Oct 2016

AMO partners with Trilogy Cycles in Noosa, Australia

AMO is a premium sports brand that is passionate about providing the best sports sunglasses to serious cyclists and triathletes. 

When we look for partners we want people who share our values.

When the founder of AMO Sunglasses (Tim Hallworth) went to Noosa, Australia to do the annual Noosa Triathlon he found just such a partner and "like minded brand" in Trilogy Cycles in Noosa, Australia.

AMO sunglasses is now partnering with Trilogy Cycles and our superb sport sunglasses can be purchased via their store, at the expos of summer and Noosa triathlon races.

Drop by Trilogy Cycles at the Noosa Junction grab a great cup of coffee and see their great quality bikes, superb AMO sunglasses and accessories.

You can find more about Trilogy Cycles at 

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