Warranty policy

  1. AMO aspires to produce the best sunglasses in the world and stands behind its Products.
  2. AMO provides a lifetime warranty for all its sunglasses for the lifetime of the product manufacturing against a manufacturing default or failure. AMO maintains the sole right to determine what is a manufacturing default or failure.
  3. To be egible for the lifetime warranty you must fill in the Warranty Form provided on the internet within 14 days of receiving your Product.
  4. The scope of the warranty is to the original owner and via Products purchased through the Site. If you bought your Products through a non-AMO authorised agent or at a retail store then contact the person whom you bought the Product from as this warranty may not apply.
  5. The warranty applies to all types of manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does NOT cover sunglasses that are stolen, lost, dropped, crushed, scratched, run over, chewed by human, pet or wild animal or other damage that is caused by the consumer. The warranty does not apply to coatings to the Product such as antifog, hydrophobic and polarised coatings. This warranty extends worldwide.
  6. Under this warranty AMO will provide a new 'equivalent' pair of sunglasses or replace the damaged part(s). AMO will NOT refund any money.
  7. Replacement and repairs may take up to six weeks depending on work load and staff availability.

* Exclusions:AMO's Revo and polarized lens coatings are more susceptible to scratching than other AMO lenses. The warranty for Revo and polarized coatings excludes scratch damage. The warranty does not apply to the AMO logo.

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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