Tim and Fenny Hallworth in France 2013 (Tim has just completed the Nice, France Ironman) Tim and Fenny Hallworth in France 2013 (Tim has just completed the Nice, France Ironman)

AMO sunglasses was started in 2012 in Hong Kong by husband and wife team, Tim and Fenny Hallworth.

Tim has done over 10 full distance Ironman triathlons including Ironman Hawaii as well numerous ultramarathons. His wife Fenny is a obessive ultramarathoner.

In developing AMO sunglasses, Tim and Fenny drew on their years of experience as competitive athletes to design and develop and range of sport sunglasses specifically for running, cycling and triathlon.

Tim and Fenny know that athletes want the best shoes, clothing, bikes, race wheels and equipment and will seek out the best products regardless of price. Tim and Fenny took the same approach for their sport sunglasses sourcing out the best possible materials from around the world and combining them to produce the best product specifically designed for sport, rather than looking for a cheap alternatives. Happily in the end the AMO sunglasses price sits below most of the popular sports specific, lesser quality, products in the market. 

The approach that AMO sunglasses takes is to consider what does an athlete that sweats need under the pressure of competition and serious training. AMO sunglasses provide sports sunglasses that do not move during exercise and provide superior clarity of vision not matter what lighting conditions. 

From personal experience, they were able to determine what was needed when under pressure and sweating during training or competition and recount the drawbacks of other sunglasses in the market.

Today, AMO sunglasses are known for their:

  • superior clarity of vision irrespective of light conditions
  • fully adjustable nose pieces and temple arms allowing them to fit face size exactly
  • sitting close on the face allowing superior light filtering
  • adjustable fit to let additional air flow and avoid sweat flow down the lens
  • snug fitting while wearing a swimming cap or looser if wearing a helmet
  • ability to withstand multiple adjustments while on the go without fear of cracking or breaking

Tim Hallworth at Noosa Triathlon, Australia - November 2014Tim Hallworth at Noosa Triathlon, Australia - November 2014

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