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Sandrine Benz

Sandy Benz grew up in a small village in Switzerland which is situated right at the Lake Constance. As a kid, Sandy was well-known to be the most unathletic student…

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  • Sports highlights

    Gold – National Triathlon Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon, Switzerland, 2017 Gold – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago, 2015, Olympic Gold – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton, 2014, Sprint Distance (F30) Gold – ETU European Championship Kitzbühel, 2014, Sprint Distance (F30) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, 2013, Olympic Distance (Female overall) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Stockholm, 2013, Olympic Distance (Female overall) Silver – ETU European Championship Half Distance Triathlon, Paguera, 2014 (F30) Silver – ITU World Triathlon London, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30) Bronce – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam, 2017, Sprint Distance (F30) Bronce – ETU European Championship Kitzbühel, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30)

Kevin FS

Kevin is a short distance trail-runner based in Hong Kong. He was born in Dublin, Ireland and spent time in the US and UK before finding himself HK. Introduced to…

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    Distance (km)



    XTE Shatin Two Peaks




    AVOHK Reservoir Race 2: Tai Lam Chung




    KOTH Hong Kong 1/2




    AVOHK Reservoir Race 3: Tai Tam Reservoir




    The Green Race: Braemar Hill




    KOTH Lantau 1/2




    KOTH Tai Po 1/2




    AVOHK Shing Mun




    KOTH Lantau 1/2




    Country Of Origin (COO)




    The Green Race: Pottinger




    Lantau Vertical




    The Great Relay




    XTE 11.11 Race




    The Green Race: Immortals




    MSIG Lantau 2 Peaks




    Moontrekker TBC




    MSIG Hong Kong 50



Jeanette Mertz

Jeanette Mertz is a Danish national but she has spent the past 10 years as expatriate in Singapore and now Dubai, where she works as a full-time advisor helping large…

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    Industry advisor - Digital transformation, caretaker of 5 rescue fur-babies and endurance junkie

    Specialist sport: Ultra-marathon

    Sports highlights:

    2017/2018 female results include:

    Oman Wadi Bih 30K solo: 2nd female

    UAE Kalba Kickr 45K: 1st and only female to make cut-off

    UAE UTX50K: 5th female

    Singapore Craze 101K Ultra: 1st female

    Singapore200miles: 3rd female

    HMDS: 11th female

Jovica Spajic

Jovica Spajić was born in a small village near Priboj – a town surrounded with magnificent mountains and the river Lim in their foothill.  Searching for his quintessence, he continues…

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  • Sports highlights


    In 2012, he was the only representative of the Balkans in the ’’Sahara race’’ ​​ a 250km long race  with 250 competitors from all over the world. He takes 17th place overall and 5th place in his category.

    In 2014, he participated in 24 hour race and 100km at the IAU Ultramarathon which took place in Palic, Serbia. He broke the national record of Serbia in 24hour race by running 222.221km.

    In 2014, he took part in “Tor des Geants” a 333km long trail ultramarathon in the Alps with the total elevation gain of 24,000m  ​

    In 2014, he competed with the best ultramarathon runners in “Icarus Florida Ultra Fest“, a six-day race on a certified track. He was second overall and first in his age category with a new national record of 682.3km. ​

    In 2014, he took part in “Milano – San Remo“ ultramarathon, a 283km long race. Among elite world ultramarathon runners he was the youngest competitor but managed to finish the race  in top 10 and first in his age category with the time of 41hours and 13minutes. 85% of competitors didn’t finish the race.

    In 2015, he finished a legendary race “Badwater” in Death Valley, the USA. He ran 217km of extreme ultramarathon and took the 8th place overall and 2nd place in his age category.

    In 2015, he represented Serbia at the 24hour World Championship in Torino, Italy.

    In 2015, he published a book with his SAJ colleague “Beat Yourself” in which he writes about physical and mental preparations for endurance sports.

    In 2016, he took part in the World cup “World Trophy” in Athens. He won the 6-day race and set a new national record of 702km.

    In 2016, he won “La Ultra – The High“ in the Himalayas and broke a long time record. The race is 333km long and takes place in the Indian part of Himalayas at the average altitude of 4.800m.​ ​

    In 2017, Jovica, Inspired by Hope inspires others and runs for the ones who can’t. He sets new standards in ultramarathon. His will and motives lead him to races on three different continents, with ​temperature difference of over 100 Celsius, from the North Pole and Arctic to the hottest part of the Namibian desert.

    In 2017, he took part in the “Yukon Artic Ultra” in the Arctic Circle, a 700km long race which is run with the temperatures reaching -50 Celsius.

    In 2017, he ran “Sahara race” in the Namibian part of the desert, an ultimate utramarathon of 250km at the temperatures exceeding +50 Celsius and took the 2nd place overall.

    In 2017, he took part in a legendary “TAHOE Lake” in California, the last habitat of the Navaho Indians in the national park Homewood. He finished the 340km long race as 4th overall.

    In 2017, he also participated in a legendary race “Jungle Marathon”, the last edition of the race and enters history as the winner of probably the toughest ultramarathon in the world.

Dan Falconar

Dan began his sporting career in rowing in the UK as a junior, enjoying success at national and international levels in both individual and team events. Following a few years…

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  • Sports highlights
    • Peak24 team relay – 1st
    • Hk tri association duathlon series race 1 - 2nd in m30-34
    • Hk tri association duathlon series race 2 - 1st in m30-34
    • Msig Sky running champs 24k - 2nd overall
    • King of the hills sai Kung - 3rd in male open
    • Msig Hong Kong 50km - 10th in male overall
    • East aquathon - 1st in mixed teams, fastest road runner overall
    • Rally TT 26k - 1st in male pairs
    • Lantau vertical - 4th overall
    • Lantau 2 peaks 21km - 10th overall
    • Avohk 5km series - 3rd overall in series in m30-34

          Career Highlights

    • ITU Duathlon World Championships, Pontevedra 2014 – 11th in m30-34
    • ITU Duathlon World Championships, Ottawa 2013 – 7th in m30-34
    • ITU Triathlon World Championships, London 2013 – 42nd in m30-34 sprint
    • ITU Triathlon World Championships, Auckland 2012 – 26h in m30-34 sprint

Jason T.L. Ng Hardcastle (Long Long)

Long Long is a Hong Kong triathlete who grew up with a love for sports. Starting off as a football player in primary school through to secondary, he stumbled upon…

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  • Sports highlights
            2014 HK races
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Duathlon 1 - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Duathlon 2 - 3rd male youth open
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Aquathon 1 - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Life Triathlon - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Festival of Sport Triathlon - 2nd male youth open
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Aquathon 2 - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Aquathon 3 - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Aquathon 4 - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Disney ITU triathlon - 1st male year 2000
    • Aquawiz Inter-school Aquathon - 2nd male C grade
    • Aquawiz Eco Triathlon - 3rd male year 1999-2001
    • Aquawiz Sogo Aquathon 2 - 3rd male year 1999-2001
    • Aquawiz Sogo Aquathon 3 - 3rd male year 1999-2001
    • Aquawiz New World International Triathlon - 2nd male year 1999-2001
    • Sports Soho Si Si Sic Triathlon - 5th male year 1997-2000
    • AVOHK 5k Overall series - 3rd place male 1999-2001
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Overall Aquathon Series - 1st male year 2000
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Overall Individual Series - 1st male year 2000
           2014  International races
    • Utrecht Triathlon, Netherlands - 2nd male year 1997-2000
    • Birmingham Super-sprint Triathlon, United Kingdom - 1st male overall all age categories
    • Port Dickson Triathlon, Malaysia - 4th male 1999-2001
           2015 HK races
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Duathlon 1 - 2nd male youth open
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Duathon 2 - 1st male youth open
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Aquathon 1 - 3rd male youth open
    • HK Triathlon Assoc Festival of Sport Triathlon - 2nd male youth open
    • Aquawiz inter-school aquathon - 2nd male B grade
    • Aquawiz Eco Triathlon - 1st male year 2000-2002
    • Aquawiz Aquathon 2 - 1st male year 2000-2002
    • HK Festival of Sport National Cycling Championships - 6th male 1998-2000
    • Revolution Asia Splash n Dash race 2 - 1st male 2000-2001
           2015: International races
    • Canadian National Triathlon Championships, Magog Quebec - 10th Male Elite Youth 

Tom Owens

Tom is a mountain and trail runner who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Tom is a long time member of the Salomon International & Salomon UK running teams and has been…

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  • Sports highlights
    • 4th World trail Championships, Maxi Race Annecy (2015)
    • 1st Scottish Hill Running Championships (2015)
    • 6th overall world Skyrunning series (2015)
    • 1st Whiteface Skyrace, USA, (2015)
    • 1st Buffalo Stampede Ultra Skyrace, Australia (2015)
    • 4th Saikung Skyrace, Hong Kong (2015)
    • 4th overall in 2014 skyrunning ultra series (2014)
    • Mont Blanc Marathon World Skyrunning Championships 3rd ( 2014)
    • 1st North Face 50k Bariloche, Argentina 2014
    • 4th k42 Villa la Angostura, Argentina 2014
    • 4th The Rut Ultra Skyrace, USA (2014)
    • 2nd & 4th Trofeo Kima Ultra Skyrace, Italy (2012 & 2014)
    • 3rd Ice Trail Ultra Skyrace, France 3rd (2014)
    • 6th Transvulcania ultra, La Palma (2014)
    • 1st K42 Mallorca (2014)
    • 1st K42 Tenerife (2013)
    • 3rd overall World Skyrunning Series (2012)
    • 2nd & 4th Giir di Mont Skyrace, Italy (2012 & 2011)
    • 4th Kinabalu Climbathon, Malaysia (2012)
    • 2nd & 3rd Zegama Skyrace, Basque (2011 & 2012)
    • 2nd (twice) WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge (2008 & 2011).
    • 1st Trans Alpine Run (with Andy Symonds) (2009 & 2010)
    • 1st Salomon 4 Trails, Alps (2011)
    • 1st & 3rd Senterio delle Gringe Sky marathon, Italy (2011 & 2012)
    • 1st & 2nd Three Peaks race, UK (2011 & 2014)
    • 2nd & 3rd Transrockies Race, US (with Andy Symonds & then Ricky Lightfoot) (2008 & 2011)
    • 1st SkyRaid®World Championships, Italy (2010)
    • 1st Scottish Hill Running Championship (2009)
    • 2nd & 3rd British Hill Running Championship (2009 & 2007)
    • 2nd Mountain X Adventure Race, French Alps (2008)
    • 1st ToughGuy Race, UK(2006)

Sam Wade

I grew up in Oxted, Surrey & since a young age sport has played a large part in my life as I pursued a variety of sports including; tennis, hockey,…

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  • Occupation Student
  • Specialist sport(s) Triathlon
  • Sports highlights
    • British Universities Duathlon Championships 2011,2012,2013,2014- 3rd Overall
    • British Universities Sprint Triathlon 2013- 2nd Overall
    • British Universities Olympic Triathlon 2013- 1st Overall
    • Cholmondeley Castle Olympic Triathlon 2013- 1st Overall
    • Elite British Sprint Triathlon Championships 2013- 3rd Senior Male
    • ETU European Standard Distance Triathlon Championships 2013, Alanya - 1st 20-24AG (3rd Overall)
    • ITU World Standard Distance Triathlon Championships 2013, London- 1st 20-24AG (4th Overall)
    • World University Triathlon Championships 2014, Brasilia- 13th
    • London Elite Triathlon 2014- 3rd Overall
    • Hever Castle Olympic Triathlon 2014, 2015 - 2nd Overall
    • British Triathlon Super Series 2014: 5th (Final Ranking)
    • British Universities Triathlon Sprint Triathlon Championships 2015- 1st overall 

Marc Austin

Marc grew up in Glasgow and from a young age showed a keen interest in many sports - mainly swimming and running.  He competed in aquathons and the natural progression…

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  • Sports highlights
    • Silver - ITU world U23 championships, Edmonton, 2014
    • Bronze - ETU European Championships, Mixed Team Relay (Senior), Kitzbuhel, 2014
    • Silver - ITU world junior championships, London, 2013
    • Gold - ETU European Championships, Junior Mixed Team Relay, Alanya, 2013
    • Bronze - ETU European junior championships, Alanya, 2013
    • Bronze - Australian Youth Olympic Festival, Mixed Team relay, Sydney 2013
    • Bronze - Australian Youth Olympic Festival, Sydney 2013
    • Gold - Tours ETU Youth Triathlon European Championships boys relay 2011
    • Gold - Pontevedra ETU Triathlon European Championships Junior mixed relay 2011

Casey Morgan

Casey Morgan is a ultra runner and personal trainer who was born and raised in Dumfries in the south of Scotland. Casey started off as a cyclist and never liked running.…

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  • Sports highlights


    • Devil O' the Highlands 70km 1st, course record
    • Ultra trail serra de Tramuntana 112km 2nd
    • Transgrancanaria 130km (ultra trail world series) 10th
    • River Ayr Way race 69km 1st course record
    • Transmallorca run 1st 2012, 2nd 2014
    • Compressport Cami de Cavalls 100km race, 1st Plcae (and course record)

Kaitlyn Price

From a young age Kaitlyn consistently showed potential and skill in a wide range of sports such as soccer, touch rugby, athletics and now triathlons. Coming from a national level…

Stephanie Case

Stephanie Case (Canadian) is an avid ultra runner and active human rights lawyer. For most of 2014, Stephanie lived in a tent in South Sudan, helping to assist tens of thousands…

Olya Korzh

Ultra marathoner, Olya Lorzh: "I have always loved to run and as the opportunities to compete started to arrive, I grabbed them." Olya is coached by Ruth Hunt in Hong…

Tim Hallworth

Triathlete Tim Hallworth is a British national, lawyer, father, husband and what most people would call a "serious" age group athlete. Tim is passionate about endurance sports and has been…

Olaf Kasten

Triathlete Olaf Kasten is a German national and a very serious triathlete. Ironman triathlon is his thing. As a youth, Olaf Kasten was a sprinter and runner. Always taking his…

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