Stephanie Case

Stephanie Case in the Desert near gaza Stephanie Case in the Desert near gaza

Stephanie Case (Canadian) is an avid ultra runner and active human rights lawyer. For most of 2014, Stephanie lived in a tent in South Sudan, helping to assist tens of thousands of South Sudanese affected by conflict. She has recently taken up a post with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Gaza. Despite the challenging environments in which she lives and works, Stephanie has won and placed in a number of international running events, ranging from 250 km multi-day desert races to 100-mile non-stop mountain races from the Swedish Arctic to the Gobi desert. 


If that's not enough, in her part time, beside running, she has started a charity called Free to Run which is a nonprofit organization that uses running, physical fitness and outdoor adventure as a means of empowering and educating females in conflict-affected communities to overcome the harmful effects of gender, religious and ethnic discrimination. Please donate NOW to this worthy charity.


For more about Stephanie see her blog at

Stephanie Case wearing AMO Thunderstorm - Firestorm sunglassesStephanie Case wearing AMO Thunderstorm - Firestorm sunglasses

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