Tom Owens

Tom is a mountain and trail runner who lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Tom is a long time member of the Salomon International & Salomon UK running teams and has been lucky enough to compete all over the world. He has represent Great Britain and Scotland. Tom loves a huge variety of running events and competes in mountain races over all distances - from 20 minute sprints to mountain ultras. Tom particularly enjoys sky running and spending long days in the mountains discovering new routes with friends.

Tom initially joined Salomon as an adventure racer in 2008 and still loves to do other endurance sports including biking and competing at cyclocross in the UK winter. Prior to starting hill running at the age of 23, Tom played football to a good level (as a goal keeper!). Since then he has been totally addicted to endurance sports.

When not running Tom is an Environmental Advisor and ecologist. He particularly enjoys the field surveys and is currently working for the Scottish Water board.

Recent achievements in 2015 saw Tom finishing 4th in the World Trail Championship, becoming the Scottish hill running champion and finishing 6th overall in the world skyrunning series. In 2016 Tom will be competing in the SkyXtreme series and other prestigious sky and mountain races. The aim as always is to stay fit, healthy and continue having a great time

Additional Info

  • Sports highlights:
    • 4th World trail Championships, Maxi Race Annecy (2015)
    • 1st Scottish Hill Running Championships (2015)
    • 6th overall world Skyrunning series (2015)
    • 1st Whiteface Skyrace, USA, (2015)
    • 1st Buffalo Stampede Ultra Skyrace, Australia (2015)
    • 4th Saikung Skyrace, Hong Kong (2015)
    • 4th overall in 2014 skyrunning ultra series (2014)
    • Mont Blanc Marathon World Skyrunning Championships 3rd ( 2014)
    • 1st North Face 50k Bariloche, Argentina 2014
    • 4th k42 Villa la Angostura, Argentina 2014
    • 4th The Rut Ultra Skyrace, USA (2014)
    • 2nd & 4th Trofeo Kima Ultra Skyrace, Italy (2012 & 2014)
    • 3rd Ice Trail Ultra Skyrace, France 3rd (2014)
    • 6th Transvulcania ultra, La Palma (2014)
    • 1st K42 Mallorca (2014)
    • 1st K42 Tenerife (2013)
    • 3rd overall World Skyrunning Series (2012)
    • 2nd & 4th Giir di Mont Skyrace, Italy (2012 & 2011)
    • 4th Kinabalu Climbathon, Malaysia (2012)
    • 2nd & 3rd Zegama Skyrace, Basque (2011 & 2012)
    • 2nd (twice) WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge (2008 & 2011).
    • 1st Trans Alpine Run (with Andy Symonds) (2009 & 2010)
    • 1st Salomon 4 Trails, Alps (2011)
    • 1st & 3rd Senterio delle Gringe Sky marathon, Italy (2011 & 2012)
    • 1st & 2nd Three Peaks race, UK (2011 & 2014)
    • 2nd & 3rd Transrockies Race, US (with Andy Symonds & then Ricky Lightfoot) (2008 & 2011)
    • 1st SkyRaid®World Championships, Italy (2010)
    • 1st Scottish Hill Running Championship (2009)
    • 2nd & 3rd British Hill Running Championship (2009 & 2007)
    • 2nd Mountain X Adventure Race, French Alps (2008)
    • 1st ToughGuy Race, UK(2006)

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