Dan Falconar

Dan began his sporting career in rowing in the UK as a junior, enjoying success at national and international levels in both individual and team events. Following a few years off sport completely during his university days, he then started cycling as part of his morning commute and quickly fell in love with the sport. Before long he lost all the weight he’d put on during his university spell and accumulated many wins and podiums at amateur races across road/criterium/time-trial disciplines.

Dan’s triathlon career began when he was dared by a fellow workmate to enter a local race. Barely able to swim at the time, he took a week-long crash course in swimming and ended up with a 2nd place in the race after destroying the field on the bike leg… the swim was not so great and remains his Achilles heel to date!

Having caught the triathlon bug, within a couple of years he began representing Great Britain at international races all over the world, but owing to relatively poor swimming the best result he ever achieved was 8th in 2012 European Championships in the sprint distance.

For reasons that he can’t explain, he came late to the duathlon party (i.e. no swimming!) and has been extremely successful there as his strong cycling and running enabled him to enjoy strong domestic and international success, culminating in a 7th place in the World Championships in 2013. In 2014 he could not match the same success against strong European opposition and managed 11th despite being the 2nd fastest on the bike.

In 2014 Dan moved to Hong Kong and his bikes have been largely gathering dust ever since, except for two outings which were a 2nd and 1st place respectively in the two Hong Kong Tri Association duathlons. However, he somewhat fell into trail running through meeting other fellow runners thanks to breaking a local course record on Strava during a training run! Since then, he has enjoyed great success across multiple distances and has many podium and wins to his name.

Dan is now enjoying the trail run off-season and is focusing on the build up to the 2015 Duathlon World Championships in Adelaide in October, and in parallel will be competing in the Hong Kong Trail Running League and many other races across different disciplines.

As a true multi-sport athlete and recent addition to the AMO team, Dan is looking forward to the racing season ahead with his new AMO Transformer Prowler sunglasses, which will suit him no matter if he is on the bike, on the trail or in a boat!

You can follow Dan’s movements and training here:

Additional Info

  • Sports highlights:
    • Peak24 team relay – 1st
    • Hk tri association duathlon series race 1 - 2nd in m30-34
    • Hk tri association duathlon series race 2 - 1st in m30-34
    • Msig Sky running champs 24k - 2nd overall
    • King of the hills sai Kung - 3rd in male open
    • Msig Hong Kong 50km - 10th in male overall
    • East aquathon - 1st in mixed teams, fastest road runner overall
    • Rally TT 26k - 1st in male pairs
    • Lantau vertical - 4th overall
    • Lantau 2 peaks 21km - 10th overall
    • Avohk 5km series - 3rd overall in series in m30-34

          Career Highlights

    • ITU Duathlon World Championships, Pontevedra 2014 – 11th in m30-34
    • ITU Duathlon World Championships, Ottawa 2013 – 7th in m30-34
    • ITU Triathlon World Championships, London 2013 – 42nd in m30-34 sprint
    • ITU Triathlon World Championships, Auckland 2012 – 26h in m30-34 sprint

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