Sandrine Benz

Sandy Benz grew up in a small village in Switzerland which is situated right at the Lake Constance.

As a kid, Sandy was well-known to be the most unathletic student in her year, carrying a few more pounds than necessary on her hips and not showing too much interest in her Physical Education.

During her foreign exchange year in the U.S. at the age of 17, Sandy joined the local Cross-Country Running Team and discovered a big personal passion for running. Her additional pounds were lost within a few months and her running performance improved dramatically by the end of this year.

Back in Switzerland, Sandy skipped her original plan of going to Medical School and decided to become a P.E. teacher to inspire other young people to get involved in sports again.

During her preparation for the entry test of this study, Sandy collected her first training cours in the swim and bike discipline and found out that she liked that as much as running.

At the age of 23, Sandy toed the start line of her first triathlon and was fascinated by this sport right away. In her first years, she tried herself on various triathlon distances and qualified 2012 for the IM 70.3  World Championship in Las Vegas.

After this race, Sandy decided to focus on the Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon from 2013 on and started working together with a well-experienced triathlon coach.

To everybody’s surprise (as she was already 29 years old by then), Sandy was the overall winner of the Female Age-Group-Races of the ITU World Triathlon in Hamburg and Stockholm in 2013, followed by a series of international Age-Group medals in 2014 (European and World Champion Sprint Triathlon in her Age-Group, Vice-European-Champion on the ETU Half-Distance Race, Bronce on the Olympic Distance European Championship and 4th place on the Olympic Distance World Championship race). At the end of the year 2014, Sandy was awarded as regional „Athlete of the Year“.

In 2015, Sandy became ITU-World Champion in her Age-Group on the Olympic Triathlon Distance which enabled her to start racing with the Pro’s from 2016 on.

Today, Sandy works 50% as a P.E. teacher at a Swiss Junior High School, coaches their Track and Field Girls team, and is a semi-professional triathlete, entering the ITU Continental Cup Series in the Elite category.

Additional Info

  • Sports highlights:

    Gold – National Triathlon Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon, Switzerland, 2017 Gold – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Chicago, 2015, Olympic Gold – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton, 2014, Sprint Distance (F30) Gold – ETU European Championship Kitzbühel, 2014, Sprint Distance (F30) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Hamburg, 2013, Olympic Distance (Female overall) Gold – ITU World Triathlon Stockholm, 2013, Olympic Distance (Female overall) Silver – ETU European Championship Half Distance Triathlon, Paguera, 2014 (F30) Silver – ITU World Triathlon London, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30) Bronce – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Rotterdam, 2017, Sprint Distance (F30) Bronce – ETU European Championship Kitzbühel, 2014, Olympic Distance (F30)

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