Tim Hallworth

Tim at the Nepal ultra-marathon 2013 Tim at the Nepal ultra-marathon 2013

Triathlete Tim Hallworth is a British national, lawyer, father, husband and what most people would call a "serious" age group athlete. Tim is passionate about endurance sports and has been doing trail running and triathlons for over 20 years. Tim is also co-founder of AMO sunglasses.

At school Tim was a keen swimmer (he says one of the best in his school) and a cross country runner (also one of the best on his school - he says) but lost his way during university where he became interested in drinking and martial arts (but not necessarily in that order).

When Tim left university he started jogging to stay fit and graduated to hill running and marathons. He realised he still has some endurance despite the beer he had consumed at university and decided (since he could swim and run) triathlons were a natural progression. After a couple of local Olympic distance triathlon events in which he did okay he began to take them more seriously.

In 2001, Tim did his first Ironman triathlon in South Africa on his honeymoon with his wife, Fenny. Since then he had done Ironman events in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, China twice, Hawaii and most recently in France in 2013. His best Ironman time is 11 hours and 36 seconds.

At the same time, Tim is also been a keen ultra runner and still loves to get out in the hills and just run. He is a regular competitor in 50km and 100km ultra running events and in 2013 did a 100km ultra-marathon in Nepal.

You can usually find Tim in the top 3 places in his age group at local races. He is a "gear geek" who has the latest Tri stuff and, of course, loves his AMO sunglasses. Well, he should as he developed them for himself!

Tim loves the AMO Typhoon Cirrus  is preferred by Tim for ultra marathons.

Typhoon Cirrus is preferred by Tim


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