12 Jun 2016

AMO sports sunglasses are a critical accessory for cycling in the Qatar! [Guest blog by James Moffat]

James Moffat in Qatar James Moffat in Qatar

I have raced bikes for the last 12 years while living in New Zealand, Hong Kong and now Qatar.

Sunglasses have never been something I liked wearing while riding, as when I am riding in a pack at speed peripheral vision and awareness is critical to staying upright. I tried a number of various brands in the past however I felt they obscured my vision, were a poor fit or had issues with the lenses fogging up and I chose to opt out of wearing sunglasses unless I really thought the conditions demanded it.

Nevertheless I tried a few different high-end brands such as Oakley Jawbones but I never found a pair that didn’t frustrate me due to the lens fogging up, obscured vision or fit comfort.

With the move to Qatar the conditions have definitely demanded the wearing of sunglasses; riding  during the day without sports sunglasses is not an option. Although here in Qatar it is not just the sun’s UV rays the eyes need to be protected from; the sand and dust kicked up in the high winds we often experience are just as much a hazard as the sun which beats down on the tarmac with temperatures frequently above 50degC. In these conditions sunglasses are a critical accessory, providing the vital protection needed for every cyclist braving the elements.

Sport sunglasses when cycling in Qatar are a critical assessory as sand and dust are kicked up in the high winds with temperatures frequently above 50degCSport sunglasses when cycling in Qatar are a critical assessory as sand and dust are kicked up in the high winds with temperatures frequently above 50degC

Soon after I landed in Doha, Qatar, I purchased a pair of AMO Transformer Ironcatchers and they were the first pair of sunglasses to offer a comfortable fit through the adjustable nose piece and adjustable arms allowing me to wear them for an entire 4-6 hour ride without discomfort. The snug fit provided the protection I demanded from the elements and despite the snug fit I did not experience any fogging problems and my vision was maintained as per without sunglasses (no obstructions present). The easily interchangeable lens have allowed me to customize the look, vision and darkness level depending on the conditions.

Some cyclist in Qatar don't need AMO sunglasses. For me they are a critical assessory!Some cyclist in Qatar don't need AMO sunglasses. For me they are a critical assessory!

With almost 12 months clocked up on the glasses I inadvertently dropped them on the road while riding in Oman. Safe to say the rest of the training camp was not pleasant without my AMO’s and on returning to Doha I had no hesitation to purchase the exact same pair of Ironcatchers and I would do the same again in the future.

This third party blog was written in by James Moffat who is wears AMO Sunglasses as part of her essential equipment. 

James Moffat is a keen cyclist and a local champion. He has not been paid to prepare this blog and did so because he values his AMO sunglasses. 


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