16 Jun 2017

AMO Sunglasses – More ‘Bang For My Buck’ [Guest blog by Shane Early]

As a trail runner I need the following:

- Lenses that really protect my eyes

- Lenses that do not fog up.

- They do not slip down on my nose all the time.

- They stay put and don't fall off on downhills or jumping around.

I bought the Ironcatcher from the Transformer series. See them here  With AMO's I got the above and more!

1. Interchangeable High Quality Lenses: Not only do I have quality lenses I have interchangeable lenses. With the Ironcatcher you can choose your lenses.  Unlike other brands, you are not stuck with one lens for all occasions.

clip lock systemclip lock system

2. Adjustable Arms: This was a big plus for me. I can bend the arms in our out depending if I am wearing a hat, buff or nothing.  They do not flop around, bounce or move.  You get two sets of interchangeable arms with the Ironcatcher too.

adjustable temple armsadjustable temple arms

3. Adjustable Nose Piece: The nose piece is adjustable and grippy even while dripping in sweat. I am not constantly pushing them back up. 

Adjustable nose pieceAdjustable nose piece

4. Quality Lenses:  One, they protected my eyes on super sunny days on runs in Hong Kong. Now in Phoenix I unpacked them for my evening runs that start 1-2 hours before sunset.  Often the sun is in my eyes. I tried a cheaper pair for a few trail runs but my eyes were still squinting.  Unpacked my AMO's and had no problems with the sun or seeing clearly.   Two, they do not fog up while running. 

Lens accessories6 350x350Lens accessories6 350x350

5. Light Weight:  Compared to the two pairs of Oakley's I have owned and paid similar prices for they are lighter in weight.  As a trail runner the last thing I want is something heavy pulling my face down and giving me an excuse to run with bad form.

Overall it is the 'bang for my buck' with AMO's. I get more for my money than what other brands are offering.


Thank you for reading this blog and as a reward for reading this far, AMO sunglasses are offering you an additional 10% discount if you purchase a new pair of AMO sports sunglasses. Just enter discount code "BLOG1079" at the AMO Shop.


There are also similar blogs and artlcles about sports sunglasses and mutisports on the AMO Webpage at

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Thunderstorm series

Protection and clarity for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes

Firestorm (red) - pictured with mirror-finish medium-dark lens. Also available in Snowstorm (white), Twister (green)


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Lightweight and comfort for ultra runners, marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes

Nimbus (white) - pictured with optional NXT polarised dark lens. Also available in Cirrus (yellow), Gale (pink)


Transformer series

Strong and lightweight for multisports athletes including ultra runners, marathon runners, cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes

Ironcatcher (black) - pictured with Revo blue lens. Also available in Prowler (white)


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