22 Apr 2016

AMO sunglasses review by Cyclist Todd Hofert

The following are independent reviews done of AMO’s sports sunglasses. AMO does no pay for any independent reviews. 

A few weeks ago my wife returned home following a trip for ‘groceries’. As I helped unpack I ran across a pair of sandals. This prompted the question “how many pair of sandals do you need?” Her reply, “I’m a girl”, was as smooth and natural as her next breath.

Earlier this week I received a box in the mail, its contents strewn about the dining room table. The package contained a pair of new sunglasses and a host of accessories. The sight of the contents and the mess I had made caused my wife to inquire, “how many pair of sunglasses do you need?”. Like deja vu, I was equally smooth and natural in my reply, “I am a cyclist”.

Sunglasses are an item that cyclists simply do not leave home without. It is as routine as putting on shorts or shoes. Sunglasses are quite simply, second nature. Sun, wind, dirt, grit, bugs, pollen, etc. The list goes on and given the vital role your eyes play in your life there is no reason to risk injury by not protecting them properly.

The sunglasses I received are the Transformer Ironcatchers from Advanced Multisport Optics or ‘AMO’, an acronym that aligns with their moniker ‘Sun Weaponry’.


AMO sunglasses was started in 2012 by husband and wife team, Tim and Fenny Hallworth. According to the company website, Tim is an obsessive exercise junkie, runner and triathlete and has done numerous ironman triathlons including Kona as well as several ultra-marathons. His wife Fenny is an obsessive ultra-marathoner.

In developing AMO sunglasses, Tim and Fenny drew on their years of experience as competitive athletes to design and develop a range of sport sunglasses specifically for running, cycling and triathlon. Their mission, quite simply is to remove Oakley sunglasses from the top spot and provide great quality functional sport sunglasses to endurance athletes at reasonable prices.


The Transformer Frames are a versatile sport sunglass dubbed ‘Transformer’ as they are available with the option of three styles of interchangeable temple arms, six available lens finish options and two different lens constructions. The pair I tested included the standard black (Ironcatcher) temple arms as well as a pair of temple arms in yellow. The arms are a very simple swap out.

I also tested three lens options; the PC mirrored medium dark lens, and two of the higher end NXT lenses in Photochromatic Green/Blue and the Revo Red Lens. More detailed information about the different lens types can be found here. Changing lenses is as simple and intuitive as changing the arms are. One shortcoming I noticed is a lack of a clear lens option. Not that one is required here in sunny Colorado but may be a nice to have in other geographies where grey days are more common.


The Transformers are a very comfortable frame. Lightweight, as one would expect in a pair of sport glasses. The nose piece is also adjustable to allow for a tailored fit at the most critical contact point keeping them in place and unnoticeable on your schnoz.

The single biggest pet peeve of mine when it comes to sport glasses is fogging. I generally resort to riding with my glasses on the back of my helmet while climbing in the mountainous terrain surrounding Boulder. This is by necessity rather than by choice as your lenses are bound to become wet and blurred and we all know how well sweat soaked lycra cleans sunglasses. Not so much, leaving you with compromised vision for the remainder of your ride.

To put the Transformers ventilation to the test I rode a few canyon climbs in very humid and even foggy conditions and I left the glasses on. I was pleasantly surprised to not experience fogging of any kind on my ascents. My cynicism had me telling myself that they were sure to fog as soon as I stop.

The vented lenses however did not fog at all. Not while climbing and sweating and not when I reached the top of a climb and stopped to try to force them to fog. This is something I cannot say for any of my other ten or so pair of sport sunglasses. Kudos for the vented lenses and the anti fog construction.


AMO Advanced Multisport Optics makes a great suite of sport glasses and accessories. Check out AMO Sunglasses today and give a pair a try. They are marginally cheaper than their Oakley counterpart and perform as well as any of the Oakley’s I have on my gear shelf.

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