21 Jun 2016

AMO Sunglasses review by Cyclist Harlow cycle

The following are independent reviews done of AMO’s sports sunglasses. AMO does no pay for any independent reviews.
AMO Sports Sunglasses, Designed by athletes, for triathlon, trail running, ultra-running, marathon running, cycling and mountain-biking and loads more sports!
On review I have a really well designed pair of  sport glasses from a company called AMO, click the link here to take you to there story on how the AMO brand came about, but be sure to pop back to read the rest of my review here.

AMO Sports glasses IroncatcherAMO Sports glasses Ironcatcher

Whats in the box : Well, once you get the AMO's out the box, you will find a "Bullet Glass Case" that really does look the part! and it gets better, once you read about the spec on the AMO's website you will read that they have thought there designs through from grass routes sport upwards!

AMO Love the Bullet Glass case the Ironcatcher comes in!AMO Love the Bullet Glass case the Ironcatcher comes in!

On the AMO Website when ordering you can chose either Sport Case or a Bullet one, the kind people from AMO have dispatched the Bullet case for me on this review, a very nice strong case this one, holds the Ironcatcher plus the spare lens and cloth with no trouble, not to sure if this is a dearer option when ordering, so be sure to check your order first, I have check and the price does not go up or down for either case.
Limited time there is a 20% off code on there website!

Frame Spec: The frame is made from Grilamid®TR-90, so they have this right, it makes them strong,  and the Grilamid TR-90 is a homopolyamide nylon characterized by an extremely high alternative bending strength, low density and a high resistance to chemical and UV damage, all  Frames that are made from the  Grilamid TR90 specification are  lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stand up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures, the frames are really flexible so you will not be  breaking these in a hurry! 
LENS SPEC: AMO's sports sunglasses come with a polycarbonate lens as standard. but AMO also offer a choice of high performance lenses on there website right  across the  range of Typhoon, Thunderstorm and Transformer series sunglasses.
Yellow Lens Premium Polycarbonate Yellow Lens.Yellow Lens Premium Polycarbonate Yellow Lens.

Model types: I have the Ironcatcher model here on review, AMO offer 3 range's of Sport cycling glasses on there website listed for the road cyclist, plus a range for the mountain biker as well.Each and every pair have the great Grilamid®TR-90 frame, and you also have a fantastic range of lenses to chose from which you decide on when placing a order on there website.

The AMO lens I have been sent are the  premium polycarbonate mirror finish dark lens, and the Yellow ones, you can change the colour of the arms on the ordering section as well, so lots of choice weather you are running, rowing, road cycling or on the mountain bike and any other action sport like triathlons Iron man events

Lens change instruction: I personally found the AMO Ironcatcher lens to the easiest I have ever had the pleasure to try! I will run through with you on how to change them from there instruction sheet.
Grip the lens in the palm of your hands.Grip the lens in the palm of your hands.
Gently pull the frame away at the center and unclip the lens.Gently pull the frame away at the center and unclip the lens.
Pull the lens awayPull the lens away
Finally get the new lens, fix new lens to corner first, then clip lens into center again in the grooves and click into place using the palm of your hand.Finally get the new lens, fix new lens to corner first, then clip lens into center again in the grooves and click into place using the palm of your hand.
Fix new lens to corner firstFix new lens to corner first
Clip lens into center again in the grooves and click into place using the palm of your hand. easy as that!Clip lens into center again in the grooves and click into place using the palm of your hand. easy as that!
A Cold Ride Out!A Cold Ride Out!

My Verdict: Once out on a ride the AMO felt great, fogging was kept to a minimum due to the air vent, and these work really well, on a ride with the rain and wind coming at me from all sides the AMO Ironcatcher did the trick of helping to keep the vision clear, making it a whole lot safer to cycle.

Arms: I found the arms were really easy to change, the AMO Ironcatcher comes with a pair of arms if you fancy going jogging in them, in fact the whole frame felt great and unbreakable under normal use.

Lens: If you have ever owned a decent pair of cycling glasses, then the last last thing you want to do with them is drop them right! and when that happens your "Heart" misses a beat! and that is what happened to me! I accidentally dropped them, and when I picked them up to check the frame and lens noticed a scratch on the left lens, I tried to get it out by rubbing but cant shift it, most glasses when this happens the scratch get in your line of vision and I noticed even though the lens had a scratch it did not show up on them when I put them on, so no problem, I will try to find out if the Ironcatcher has a protective coating on the lens.

AMO have explained the Revo coating more to me.
The Revo coating on the lens explained here,
AMO Do say on there website the Revo lens coating is more susceptible to scratching than AMO's other lenses.
The AMO lifetime guarantee does not include scratches to the Revo coatings.

Out on the ride: On a sunny day the AMO Ironcatcher are great for keeping the Sun out your eyes, and the wind around the face, perfect for the sunny ride out.

All set for a very wet ride out to test the AMO Ironcatcher on a very wet day!

I Have been out with the AMO on a very heavy down pour and they seemed to cope well with the rain clearing off the lens, and at no time did they mist or fog up on the inside of the lens, but today's ride was a bit different, with very light rain and wind from all sides all the time I was out on the ride, and I found the AMO just could not cope with this sort of fine rain, was a case of removing them to somewhere safe for a while until the rain stopped.

I was expecting the AMO Lens I was wearing to have the Hydrohobic water repellent coating on the lens, so I was surprised when the lens could not cope with the light drizzle!
The AMO had the worst the weather could throw at them!The AMO had the worst the weather could throw at them!

Will I still be using the AMO on my next ride: You bet I will!
I like them, they do the job well in the right condition, comfortable and a great design, how well the lens will stand up to my treatment that is another mater! Value for money, compares reasonable with other on the market..
A MTB ride around the woods, the AMO gave a clear vision ahead, going from sun to the darker area of the woodlands was no problem.
AMO Are looking for distributors, drop them a line for more information.Will be updating the review as time goes by. 
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A third party review of AMO sunglasses written by Cyclist Harlow Cycling ,you can find the original blog at

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