27 Sep 2016

Review of AMO Sports Sunglasses by Ultra-trail runner Casey Morgan

As a professional ultra runner in the Compressport team I am privileged to get some great clothing and equipment provided to me.

Compressport has great gear for ultra running but they do not produce sports sunglasses.

When I was approached by AMO Sunglasses to use their sports sunglasses during my training and races I was intrigued by what they were.

This was a brand of sports sunglasses that was developed for endurance athletes and has a tags line "for athletes that sweat". Well, that's definitely me!

The company is not a big global brand but a niche home brand developed by a husband and wife team who are keen trail and ultra runners.

I admit, I was a bit sceptical as to how good or how different that AMO Sunglasses could be.

These are my views of the AMO Typhoon sunglasses that I use regularly in training and in races.


The first thing that strikes you when you get them out of the box is how light they are.

They weigh just 26 grams (0.026kgs). That's very light. This is great as on those long endurance runs you do not want to feel the sunglasses on your face. Lightness in this way means comfort. AMO have certainly achieved that.

I see the thought that has gone into the design of AMO Sunglasses with the designers thinking about where the sunglasses touch the head. This is only at 3 points; the nose and the two temple arms.

At all these points there is soft rubber padding. This padding is both comfortable and sticky which means they are comfortable to wear do not rub the nose and at the ears on those long tail runs.

Top marks for AMO on "comfort"!


I hate wearing sports sunglasses that jump around on my face when I am running or slip down my nose.

I can see that AMO Sunglasses have thought of this, as they have developed features which help stability.

AMO Sunglasses have adjustable temple arms which can be adjusted or moulded to your head. This is a great feature as it means they can suit pretty much any head sizes and I could adjust the temple arms and the nose piece when running.

I remember one of the first time I used my AMO Sunglasses for a length of time I felt they were getting too tight on my head and were beginning to annoy me. Normally I would just take them off but with my AMO Sunglasses I simply readjusted the temple arms and continued my run.

This is a great feature.

I also found if I am are not wearing my AMO Sunglasses I can easily flick them on to your head and they will stay in place (despite my "no hair") due to the temple arms being adjustable and sticky.

The stability is also helped by the adjustable rubber nose pieces which can be adjusted for your nose type to prevent them slipping down your nose when running.

AMO certainly understand this important of stability and i can see the sunglasses are designed with this in mind.


We all know that the basic function of sunglasses is to block the suns rays. Pretty much all sunglasses do this – some better than other.

For ultra running you want more than this basic feature and I can see that AMO Sunglasses are packed with additional features. For this is a key difference for AMO.

AMO Sunglasses are packed with more features that any other sports sunglasses on the market and whilst other sunglasses brands have some of these features with AMO Sunglasses you get them all.

These features including:-

 - Adjustable nose pieces [for Comfort]

 - Adjustable/flexible temple ends [for Comfort and Stability]

 - Removable temple ends for Transformer models [for Aesthetics]

 - Removable (replaceable) lenses [for Aesthetics & Function]

 - Soft rubber pads on nose pieces and temple end [for Comfort and Stability]

 - Hydrophobic lens coatings [for Function]

 - Anti-fog lens coating [for Function]

 - Super lightweight [for Comfort]

 - Lens venting [for Function]

These functions are self explanatory and explained very well on the AMO Sunglasses webpage and the AMO blogs so I will not explained them in detail but needless to say it is refreshing to have a brand of sports sunglasses that has really tried to pack in the important features for endurance athletes.

With all these features I simply would not use any other sport sunglasses.


As a trail/ultra runner I want equipment I can rely upon.

My equipment needs to be tough to handle the rigors of the environments of my training and races from the mountains of Scotland (where I train) to the trails of Menorca and Hong Kong.

Lots of product claim to be durable. AMO Sunglasses is no exception.

I know the co-founder of AMO Sunglasses (Tim Hallworth) and he is a passionate train runner and ironman triathlete and he told me he design the sport sunglasses for himself to perform in extreme conditions. AMO says they are tried and tested by athletes. Tim did extensive testing during development and put them through the mill on my runs and races.

All I can say is that the AMO Typhoon Sunglasses that I have tested have never failed me in several 50km and 100km train races over several continents and during my training.

The only conclusion in using AMO sunglasses for over 2 years is that AMO Sunglasses are built to last and will not let you down.


I have put this last but it is still important. We all want to look good and I am no exception.

Sport Sunglasses are a "functional" accessory and should complement your sport kit and overall appearance. I personally find the AMO Sports Sunglasses look great.

But if you don't like the style I wear then AMO Sunglasses come with lots of lens types/options and colours.

I particularly love the AMO Transformer range of sport sunglasses that come with two removable temple arms. This means you can change the lense and temple arms to create or individualise a sports sunglasses to match you style and your kit.

There are no many options you can be individual. As far as I am aware only AMO Sunglasses are able to offer a level of customisation for both their lenses and their temple arms and it really makes AMO Sunglasses different. see AMO video link:

I really think that AMO Sunglasses customisation is a great feature for the look of the sunglasses/


I don't often write reviews of products but AMO Sunglasses are definite worth considering when you buy you next pair for your ultra marathon or trail race.

I have no hesitation of recommending AMO Sunglasses for runners.

A third party review of AMO sunglasses written by runner Casey Morgan.

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