30 Mar 2017

AMO sunglasses review by X-terra and adventure race Jacky Boisset

Jacky Boisset's wife wearing AMO sunglasses' Jacky Boisset's wife wearing AMO sunglasses'

I first heard about AMO sports sunglasses almost by accident. It is strange how often the small things in life can make a real difference to you. I had been involved in X-Terra and adventure racing all around the world and was being sponsored by CHIRU bikes when the founder of AMO Sunglasses (Tim Hallworth) who was friends with the CHIRU bikes founder,asked me to become a profiled athlete for AMO sunglasses.

At that time, knew nothing about AMO sport sunglasses and thought how good could their product be! I soon found out AMO sport sunglasses was a serious niche sport sunglasses brand founded by a very keen and active ultra runner and triathlete (Tim Hallworth) who was passionate about endurance sports and the sport sunglasses he had developed from nothing.

Since then, I have been using my AMO sport sunglasses at all my adventure races and in training for the last two years and they have been field tested in some of the most rigorous environments on the planet.

This gives me the credentials to write a review about AMO Sunglasses. The sunglasses model I use is the Transformer series.Let me start by saying that "I love them". It's often hard to say "why" as they are just on the critical part of my sports kit! They are hard wearing, practical and so reliable I hardly ever think about them. But, if I have to say why I like my AMO sports sunglasses these are the reasons:

1. Adjustability

I love the features of adjustable temple arms and nose pieces.The design is well thought through and they are easy to adjust "on the go" even during my races. This important feature means they do not cause me discomfort during my adventure races. If they are too tight or too lose I simply adjust them.

Adjustable nose pieceAdjustable nose piece

Adjustable temple armsAdjustable temple arms

2. Stability

The design of the AMO sport sunglasses is so stable that they do not move around on my nose despite my head moving around on my mountain bike and sweating in the most extreme environments.This is a very important as I hate sport sunglasses that bounce around on your face.

3. Temple Arm Options

Every day and every adventure race is different and sometimes I like to change my style.AMO sports sunglasses have multiple temple arm options and colours which mean you can change your sports sunglasses style to suit your style and mood. You can create your own style and individualise them.

The temple arms are also easy to remove, you can change them as easily as you change your clothes.This is a great feature for AMO sports sunglasses and unique for nearly all sport sunglasses.

4.Lens Options

With AMO sports sunglasses you can get a variety of different lenses.All AMO lenses are of superb quality and have great optical clarity do the job of blocking sun and the harmful UV rays. but by now. I just take that for

  1. AMO lenses also give you a number of different colour options to suite your style e.g. red lenses, blue lenses, green lenses etc.

Other AMO sports sunglasses lenses have special features. For me, I love the photochromatic lenses which adjust the shade/darkness depending on the sunlight.

As an adventure racer, I often am in bright sunlight, cloudy environments and in the trees just in one adventure race/day so these types of lenses are ideal for me.

5. Lens coating and ventilation

Another special feature of AMO sports sunglasses is the special hydrophobic and anti-fog coatings they have on the AMO sunglasses lenses. With AMO sport sunglasses this is a great "standard" feature which allows the water to roll off the lenses or prevents fogging up of the lenses.

The lens coating when combined with the lens vents means that the AMO sport sunglasses are ideal for any environment and for my adventure races.

Hydrophobic CoatingHydrophobic Coating


Finally, my AMO sports sunglasses are just simply great fun.The different options for styles and colours means that I can adapt and change my AMO sport sunglasses for every race and the most importantly

they look so good they hide my face when I am suffering the most. I would recommend AMO sport sunglasses to any serious adventure racer.

You can find more about Jacky Boisset at his webpage

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