12 Jun 2017

Sports sunglasses that are fit for purpose - whatever your sport!

A review by competitive runner and budding triathlete Mo Devlin A review by competitive runner and budding triathlete Mo Devlin
I would describe myself as a competitive trail and road runner who likes to ride a bike and is getting into triathlon too. 
I wear road running shoes on the road and trail running shoes on the trail. Everything has to be technically specific and purpose made for the sport. I’m a perfectionist in that sense. 
After the shoes, the single most important piece of equipment in my race bag is my sunglasses. And this is where AMO's performance excels. 
Not only are AMO sunglasses designed specifically for sport, with a range of high quality technical features, but they convey so many benefits to me as an athlete that I just feel more secure running in them or riding with them. 
On the trails you’re either running uphill or down steep descents. Most sports sunglasses bounce around and constantly need to be pushed back on your nose (especially when racing downhill) which is an unwelcome distraction and genuine hazard when you need to focus on the terrain in front of you. 
Not so with my AMO sunglasses. With an adjustable nose piece and flexible arms they fit really well and stay in place, even on hot sweaty days when my sunscreen is running down my face.
Adjustable nose pieceAdjustable nose piece
The other feature I consider essential on the trails is fast reacting photochromic lenses. Running through dense forest which changes quickly from light to shade and back, I used to find myself constantly pushing my sunglasses up on my head because I couldn’t see clearly in shady spots, then pulling them back down as soon as we broke back into open space and bright sunlight. It was a frustrating, energy wasting experience until I started wearing AMO Ironcatcher sunglasses with photochromic lenses.
Ironcatcher with photochromic lensIroncatcher with photochromic lens
The AMO sunglasses photochromic lenses react quickly and effortlessly adjusting the amount of light to match the conditions. Now I can keep them on and run through just about anything, confident that they will adjust naturally to maintain the perfect light conditions.
Comfort is obviously a vital aspect of any piece of equipment. I have worn my AMO sunglasses for close to 8 hours in ultra races and never felt any of the irritable hotspots around the nose, or tightness on the temples that you get with other brands. The AMO sunglasses just fit really well and continue to do so all day long.
Even as a newbie to the triathlon scene I notice a huge difference wearing AMO sunglasses.They are made to such high standards that they offer unsurpassed levels of eye protection and comfort. 
My AMO sunglasses provide me with a great field of vision which is essential on the bike and their anti-fog technology ensures that they never, ever fog up when I‘m riding which is critical. I have had stone chips and all sorts of road debris hit me in the face and my AMO sunglasses have taken it all in their stride. 
One feature that I never thought I would use is the fact that the lenses are interchangeable as I love the AMO photochromic lenses. However early in the morning or at night when the light conditions are very different it is great to be able to switch to clear or light enhancing lenses so that I can ride in any conditions knowing that my eyes are protected.
I also really like the idea that AMO is an independent brand that makes hard core sunglasses for endurance athletes. I know that every feature in my AMO sunglasses has been designed and tested by people like me with the sole purpose of improving function and enhancing performance. 
Of course it doesn’t hurt that they look great and come in a range of cool colours and styles. 
I have been fortunate enough to find myself on the podium at races from time to time and I always wear my AMO sunglasses with pride as they play a small but vital part in my success. 

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