28 Aug 2019


Rob Sinclair  wearing AMO Nimbus sunglasses Rob Sinclair wearing AMO Nimbus sunglasses

Product: Typhoon Nimbus Series, NXT Photochromic Revo Lenses (white frame, green/blue tint lenses) 

''If you want to destroy your workouts, training and racing in all conditions, then the Nimbus will show you the path. When they come up against the elements of nature, the Nimbus fights them off and allows you to focus on your running.”

As a competitive mountain, trail, sky and ultra runner for the Salomon racing team I have been using the AMO Typhoon Nimbus Series trail running sunglasses and I decided it was time for give the product a through review. 

I reviewed the AMO Typhoon Nimbus Series with a NXT Photochromic Revo Lenses. This is a lightweight white wraparound frame sport trail running sunglass with a green/blue tint lenses. 


  • The trail running sunglasses frame's compatibility with various AMO lense types means they are adaptable for any trail and running condition. This is great when you go to various climates for racing and training. Up on cold mountains or at higher altitudes where you are faced with snow and glacial glare, your vision remains strong. Within the frame you can quickly clip in and out the lenses, which enables easy cleaning and swapping when required
  • The trail running sunglasses frame strength is very robust for its light weight. This is down to the construction being made of the Grilamid TR90 material which is very durable. When you drop them or they fall off and hit the trail, they do not break. Like any other glasses, a few drops to the ground will eventually cause damage. However, for being so light they are very hard wearing and definitely stand up to the test.


  •  The trail running sunglasses adjustable nose strap is both strong and flexible to the shape of your nose, which makes them very adaptable. If you have deep eye sockets, like me, this has always been an issue to find trail running sunglasses that fit correctly. But the flexible nose lugs on these trail running sunglasses mean you can easily shape them to fit comfortably around the bridge of your nose and prevent the lenses being too close to your eyes. The nose piece in these trail running sunglasses is also made of thermo plastic rubber, which decreases the chance of movement during hot workout conditions as the rubber material gets stickier when exposed to sweat and heat.
  •  In terms of durability, theses trail running sunglasses have not let me down since starting to wear them in 2019 for numerous races and training. This year I have trained and raced abroad in them in the French and Italian Alps.  I relied on them intermittently on a recent mountain round in Scotland with a friend lasting 20+hours where they were exposed to all weather types and they were excellent. I have also trained and raced in theses trail running sunglasses locally in Scotland, where out in the hills the weather can be brutal and you face all conditions. When you are not training, they also serve great for recreational occasions as they are very aesthetically pleasing for chilling and walking around cities or parks.
  •  The AMO trail running sunglasses flexible temple arms are of a fixed design and have just the right amount of flexibility and space to sit between your ears and your temples without rubbing your head during running. This is especially important in the mountains. When you are moving through technical, exposed and high risk areas which require high levels of focus they do not move. This is because of the Hytrel rubber arms, which also like the Grilamid TR90 grip strongly when they are wet.

Rob Sinclair wearing AMO sunglassesRob Sinclair wearing AMO sunglasses


  • The lenses of these trail running sunglasses are strong but thin 2mm polycarbonate and wraps all the way around your face, making them ideal for low light conditions. Their coating has never fogged up or condensated, and this is something really special to the product as you can be running for hours and your vision is never impaired. Particles of rain and dust from the environment can be wiped off with either a quick dry or just removing the glasses to almost flick off the water beads. I find your clarity of vision is restored a lot quicker in a matter of minutes compared to other products that would leave streaks or condensation.
  •  I had an issue where I had them in my vest pack stored unprotected. I learned from my mistake here, and a chat to Fenny at AMO Sunglasses customer service helped us figure out together that storing the glasses in the soft sleeve provided will prevent pack chaffing and consequent lense coating damage.

AMO Nimbus sunglassesAMO Nimbus sunglasses


For a serious trail runner AMO Nimbus Sports Sunglasses are definite worth considering when you buy you next pair for your ultra marathon or trail race.I have no hesitation of recommending AMO Nimbus Sports Sunglasses for all types of runners.

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A third-party review of AMO sunglasses written by Rob Sinclair a member of Team Salomon UK) who specialises in mountain, trail, sky and ultra running.

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