11 Apr 2016

AMO Sunglasses Review by Triathlete Taryn Gaudin

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The following are independent reviews done of AMO’s sports sunglasses. AMO does no pay for any independent reviews.

This product review is by Taryn Gaudin. Taryn is a triathlete based in Townsville, North Queensland. After discovering the sport as an adult, she has been racing solidly for a year and recently represented Australia while competing in the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Championships in Chicago. She works as a physio and is a mum to one.

I was recently given the opportunity to test out one of the latest products from Hardcore Brands — a range of sunglasses by Advanced Multisport Optics (AMO). Over the past two weeks I have been using them cycling, trail running, and — to be honest — out and about in general (yes, I love them that much!).

These sunglasses come with a range of features and can be customised to suit your needs. With multiple lens options, there are lenses to suit any climate, light and virtually any land-based sport. I tested them in their most basic form and have to say that even without all the ‘bells and whistles’ that can come with these sunglasses, I am still impressed.

For me, sunglasses primarily need to serve the purpose to protect your eyes, make you more comfortable, and it’s a bonus if they look good. AMO Sunglasses block 100% of UV rays, and are certainly stylish – see for yourself!

AMO Sunglasses review by Taryn Gaudin

The prominent features that I most enjoyed were:

  • Lightweight — I feels like you aren’t wearing anything on your face.
  • Breathable — The small ‘pockets’ at the top of the lens meant they didn't fog up like other sunglasses I have worn in the past.
  • Firm fit — I have a smaller face and often find poor-fitting sunnies ‘bouncing around’ the most annoying of all. AMO Sunglasses fit snug, so I wasn't wasting valuable time shifting positions (running or on the bike) to readjust them. The adjustable nosepiece and temple ends ensure AMOs will fit any face snuggly.

What features would I opt for in customising my AMOs?

  • I would certainly upgrade to the hydrophobic lenses [a coating that allows water or sweat to simply roll off the lens] given the humidity in North Queensland.
  • Due to personal preferences, I would opt for AMO’s polarized premium NXT lenses — these are designed to ensure there is no compromise in optical clarity from the polarization.
  • I would also consider the photochromic lens option. Having raced in conditions where the light is changing (e.g. through traffic tunnels in larger cities, or running through the rainforest); not having to adjust your head position/position of sunglasses to adjust to changing light conditions would be a luxury worth indulging in!

These sunglasses are durable and worth every penny. Having tested them extensively, I would definitely invest in a pair of AMO Sunglasses knowing that they would serve as the one pair of sunglasses that I could use for all of my land-based sports and leisure activities.

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