12 Oct 2016

AMO Sunglasses review by Triathlete Sandrine Benz

As a professional triathlete with very sensitive eyes, I wear sunglasses pretty much whenever I am spending time outside.

In the past years, I have worked myself through a big variety of triathlon sunglasses and never found a pair of triathlon sunglasses that really suited me as I am someone who sweats a lot when exercising and often they would slide and move around on my face.

In addition, I live in Switzerland which has a variety of different weather conditions under which I am training and racing with temperatures between 7 and 35 degrees and sometimes rain and sun in the same race!

Until I found my AMO Sunglasses, I could not manage to find one single pair of triathlon sunglasses that just worked for me.

Frustrated, I almost gave up but then a good friend who told me about the AMO Sunglasses, I checked out their webpage and was impressed by the intensive field testing and serious research and development that had gone into these sport sunglasses for triathletes. So, I decided to contact AMO Sunglasses to see if they would allow me to try out a pair of their triathlon sunglasses.

We started off with the AMO Ironcatcher model and I was just thrilled by its technology and functionality.

From that day one on, I did not have problems with fogging up, slippage and movement of the sunglasses due my sweating and suitability for the change of weather conditions and the disciplines (from bike to run).

It was also great as due to the adjustable temple arms there was no longer any pain behind my ears or trouble with the sunglasses falling off my face and losing the sunglasses when cycling or running on bumpy ground.

I can definitely say that AMO Sunglasses provide a pair of triathlon sunglasses that I can wear any time for any discipline in any weather and that provide me with a permanent clear view.

In addition to that, you can make these triathlon sunglasses fit your personal facial features perfectly (with adjustable temple arms and nose pieces) and I think they also look great in any given situation.

I have been wearing the AMO Ironcatcher for two years now and am still so happy with them that I keep recommending AMO Sunglasses to all my friends who are looking for a pair of triathlon sunglasses that are high in quality and fair in price – even if that means that they have to order it online and get it shipped from a place quite far away from where we live. They are worth it.

The Ironcatcher model has become my triathlon racing sunglasses. They were on my nose when I won the World Title in my Age-Group on the Olympic Distance Triathlon of the ITU Grand Final in Chicago (October 2015) as well as when I won silver (2015) and bronze (2016) at the ETU Half Distance Triathlon European Championship.

These are triathlon sports sunglasses that are truly made for champions!

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