11 Feb 2018

Review of AMO Mask triathlon sunglasses by triathlete Olaf Kasten

Olaf Kasten using the AMO Mask Triathlon Sunglasses in Kona in October 2017 Olaf Kasten using the AMO Mask Triathlon Sunglasses in Kona in October 2017

As one of the best triathletes in Asia I’ve been privileged to use AMO triathlon sunglasses for a number of years now.

With the new “Mask Range” they have seriously upped their game. I was fortunately enough to wear the new AMO Mask triathlon sports sunglasses at the Kona Ironman World Championships in October 2018 and I have to say they were superb.

The new AMO Mask range means that you have a superb the wider field of vision and the super-size lens gives you great protection from the sun.

I particularly like frameless AMO Shield sports sunglasses, the lack of a upper lens frame means that in the triathlon Aero position on the bike means your vision is not obstructed by the frame and you have a great view of the road ahead.

The materials they are made from such as the frame material Grilamid TR 90 and the 2 mm thick polycarbonate means they are super durable and therefore ideal for triathletes, as well as the blazing sun in Kona.They also come with a superb photochromic lens which go darker in the sun.  These lenses are great for training and races which can start off early in low light and end up in the blazing heat of the day. 

The lenses are super clear and also come with a antifog coating on the inside and a hydrophobic coating on the outside which she had water and sweat. These lens features are normal for all AMO triathlon sunglasses and demonstrate that AMO sunglasses has really thought about what triathletes really want.With the Mask triathlon sunglasses range AMO have certainly got their game and developed a premium pair of sunglasses ideal for triathletes and are great value for money.”

Then make a clear cut as the following clearly comes from you not me.

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