AMO Sunglasses review by Triathlete Sandrine Benz-Looking at the world through purple glasses

Hi, my name is Sandrine Benz and I’m a professional triathlete from Switzerland.

Provided with sensible eyes as I am, you find me wearing a pair of sunglasses pretty much whenever I’m outside. It got kind of boring in the past three years because people found me wearing sunglasses from the same brand all the time. Yes, we’re talking about AMO sunglasses.

Ever since I had a pair of AMO sunglasses on my nose – I started with the Ironcatcher model – I knew that this was the kind of sunglasses I’d been looking for the previous years: Sunglasses that fit your face well, look good, don’t move while running over some bumpy ground or change to the aeroposition on a time trial bike and, the most important point, guarantee you a good view no matter how much you are sweating or what the outside weather conditions happen to be. Quite a few international medals were won wearing the Ironcatcher glasses. A pair of sunglasses made for champions and wanna-be’s ;-)


At the beginning of 2017, a pair of nice purple AMO sunglasses – the Gale model from the Typhoon series – was added to my personal collection of AMO sunglasses. This model was designed especially for female athletes, meeting their unique requirements they have for sports sunglasses.

It’s a pair of sunglasses that is very low in weight, has a smaller frame than the other models (as women usually have smaller faces than men) and looks just gorgeous when being worn! The glasses are so comfortable to wear that I was already looking for them while wearing them. I simply didn’t realize that they were already where they were supposed to be.

Of course, the lenses of the Gale model are characterized by high quality and functionality – the way we know it from any AMO model.

Having travelled nearly around the world in the past months, I tested my new favorites everywhere: In the humidity of Singapore, in the warmth of Australia, in the rain of New Zealand and also in the cold altitude of the Swiss Alps.

The glasses passed the test with a straight A and had the additional side effect that I kept being in a good mood even when the outside conditions were not the best – after all, looking at the world through purple glasses feels always nice.

The Gale model is simply a must-have in every female athlete’s collection of sports sunglasses. So if you have an athletic girlfriend, why not surprise here with a pair of these glasses at Christmas? I’m sure, she will like them!

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Last modified on 30 Aug 2018

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