11 Feb 2018

Review of AMO Blade triathlon sunglasses by Long Long Turner

As a member of the Hong Kong Triathlon squad and living in a hot and sunny country sunglasses are essential for my training and races.

Having the right equipment can make the difference between having a good day and having a bad day and this includes having the right sports sunglasses.I have had the privilege of using AMO sports sunglasses for two years now and have found them to be absolutely excellent.It was therefore with great excitement that I received my new "AMO Blade" triathlon sunglasses for testing. To be frank, I couldn’t wait to take them out and test them on the road and I was not disappointed.The triathlon sunglasses were up to AMOs usual high standard but these sports sunglasses were different in that they were specifically designed for triathletes.I won’t bore you with all the features of AMO sunglasses as you can find on the webpage; for me, it comes down to 3 essential features that I love about these sunglasses.These are as follows:

1. Adjustable temple arms:

I love the fact the temple arms on the AMO Blade are identical to those used for the AMO Transformer and AMO Shield series as I can then interchange them to customize my sunglasses. Besides being interchangeable, the temple arms made from heat and chemical resistant Hytrel® will bend to fit any head shape in just the right way. When riding,

I have my temple arms bent so that they wrap around my head to prevent them from sliding down so I don’t have to keep pushing them back up my nose.

interchange armsinterchange arms

 2. Large photochromic lens:

AMO Blade is my go-to eyewear when cycling. The large photochromic lens is transparent when in the dark but darkens on its own as the surroundings get lighter, eliminating the need to ever ride without the perfect shade of eyewear. The larger lens also allows for a much larger field allowing a lower head angle when trying to get aero on your bike.

The oversized one-piece lens also comes with the anti-fog layer which truly works as I have worn my AMO Blades day in day out on slow climbs with high humidity and intense heat and they haven’t fogged up. 

 3. Lightweight:

Even with its increased size, the AMO Blade is surprisingly light and with the large lens, I hardly ever notice I am are wearing anything. I get eye protection from bugs/sand in the air and UVA/UVB protection without even realizing it, it’s great!

In summary, AMO sunglasses have really nailed it with these superb pair of triathlon sunglasses. The features above make them stand out from the crowd and that combined with the normal AMO features and overall quality makes these sunglasses a class different from the rest.If you’re looking for a great pair of triathlon sports sunglasses then you need to look no further than these AMO Blade triathlon sunglasses which have been specifically designed for triathletes like me.

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