30 Mar 2018

AMO Sunglasses Review by Triathlete Long Long Ng. AMO sunglasses provided me with a safety feature which I hadn’t realised I would ever need.

AMO sunglasses provided me with a safety feature which I hadn’t realised I would ever need.

Easter Monday our coach scheduled a late morning training ride along the cycle paths in Shatin, Hong Kong. Needless to say, due to the vast numbers of holiday riders, everyone was moving along slowly at the pace of everyone else on the path. Despite the lack of speed, it didn't take much to cause an accident. A holiday rider lost control of his folding bike next to me, suddenly swerved, knocking me over. I’m still not sure how it happened however my first point of impact was my face and forehead. The front of my helmet split through however the only thing that happened to my AMO sunglasses was the frame was scratched and my L lens was completely scratched.  My forehead, nose, upper lip and chin had quite a bit of road rash, some quite deep however my entire eye cavity and eyelid had been protected by the sunglasses. I was amazed the lens didn’t shatter and the frame didn’t break … the sunglasses were effectively intact.

I always wear my AMO glasses when I’m riding even if it’s cloudy or raining, I use clear lenses. In my mind, this had mostly been for protection against the elements and to prevent insects and debris flying off the road from damaging my eyes. Last Monday they proved more than protective against the elements. The A&E doctor said without them or if the lens had shattered, I would have undoubtedly suffered damage to my eye and eyelid. Thankfully, the NXT lenses did their job.

IMG 0027-1IMG 0027-1

AMO replaced my lenses in time for an upcoming international triathlon where I’ll definitely be wearing them not only to protect my eyes from the sun but also knowing that my eyes will kept be safe during the race.

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