30 Mar 2018

AMO Sunglasses Review by Triathlete Long Long Ng.

AMO sunglasses are a great addition to any athlete’s training and racing kit. I wear them during training sessions and always for triathlon racing. For the last 2 years, I’ve been wearing a few different models with various lens options within the AMO range.

My favourites are the Transformer Prowler. I can use these with interchangeable lenses depending on the weather. The best features of these 2 pairs are the non-slide nose pieces and the adjustable temple arms. These are important as I don’t like my sunglasses sliding down or moving around on my  nose when I happen to glance down at my aerobars or to check my heart rate monitor. The nose pieces grip firmly, don’t slide and the temple arms are flexible and can be adjusted to the width of my head in order to more firmly ‘hug’ my head and avoid any movement. The adjustable nose pieces also prevent the sunglasses from bouncing up and down when I’m running.

Clip lock systemClip lock system

They are the first sunglasses I’ve used which have never fogged up during training or racing no matter what time of year it is or what sort of training session I’m doing.

I’ve recently started racing in the photochromic lenses which are the best for race day as our transition preparation and warm up usually begins when it’s still dark out with the race start just around when the sun is beginning to rise. By the time we get on the bike, the to sun is blaring.  Regardless of sun or clouds or if it’s overcast and rainy, the photochromic lenses will adjust to provide the prefect amout of shade or be almost clear since to be used for safety purposes.

I like my AMO glasses so much that I also wear the Nimbus model from the Typhoon series as casual wear when I’m not training.

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