3 Jul 2018

AMO Triathlon sunglasses flexibility and choice - by Triathlete Jason Long Long Ng

First off let me say it’s great to back out in the big outdoors after a year out of competition due to injury, so now I’m working my way back to fitness and taking every opportunity to get out on the trails or on my bike - and of course I always have my AMOs with me no matter what I’m doing.


My latest set of AMOs are the “Blade” variety, which are part of the newer “Mask” series. Mine come with the photochromic medium dark lenses and black/red arms. Just a quick note on the arms: They’re the same ones used in the “Transformer” series, so if you’re lucky enough to own some of those then you can swap the arms for different colour combinations. So for those of you into matching outfits then you’ll love it!


The frame itself is rigid and has the lens attached, which is non-interchangeable on these glasses. Like all other AMOs I have they are very light and strong, good looking and well designed for an athlete. The arms, as well as being interchangeable, have flexible ends which means you can bend them to your head shape and crucially adjust them so that the glasses sit tight on your head and won’t fall off. As a trail runner I’m used to getting branches and spider webs in the face, and I also occasionally fall over - so it’s nice to not have to worry about my eyes or the glasses when any of those things happen!


One thing to mention about these glasses versus others that I own: The way that these are constructed puts the nosepiece quite low. They are of course adjustable but it means that they ride a little high on the nose regardless. Actually, this is excellent for cycling - because when you’re cycling you are not standing upright, you’re looking forward and down on the road - and given that the lens is one piece and you can see right through the nose piece area (unlike other AMOs that have individually changeable lenses), it puts the lens in the perfect position for the eyes when in the riding position. For running (trail or otherwise) I prefer the AMO Transformer and AMO Typhoon series, as for my nose shape these sit more naturally which works better for an upright running position - however depending on your nose shape you might feel differently about these ones.


We’ve had some changeable weather in Hong Kong recently so it has been the perfect time to road test these glasses. I went riding on one day that was overcast with sunny spells, and was also blessed with a rain shower on the same ride! As I mentioned the lenses are photochromic which means the lenses adjust given the amount of sunlight they’re exposed to. Perfect for my road test! The medium lenses that I have are really the perfect balance for all weather. I didn’t have any issues in and out of the trees, in the sun or even in the rain. The only criticism I have is that there is that the lens choice for these glasses is very limited compared to other AMOs. However if you want an all-round pair for cycling then you need look no further.


Overall I strongly recommend the AMO Blades for cyclists - like all AMOs they have the standard package of being functional, light, good looking, they’re a premium product designed with athletes in mind in every respect, and they stay on your head. I’m not sure what else you need! These ones have been promoted to my default cycling glasses just because of how high they sit on my nose, which is great. For runners I’d suggest to give them a try if these ones are “the look” that you’re going for, you can always return/change them if you don’t like them.




* All the standard benefits of AMO glasses (function, weight, design)
* Included photochromic lenses offer a single solution to multiple light/weather conditions without the need to change lenses/glasses
* Great for cycling as they offer unparalleled vision owing to the viewing angle and single lens piece, given that they sit high on the nose
* Great looking glasses, with interchangeable and adjustable arms




* Runners and multi-sport athletes may prefer other AMO styles where the glasses sit lower on the nose for a more upright body position - I recommend the Transformer and Typhoon ranges instead
* Limited lens choice compared to other AMO products


See you out there!


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