19 Jul 2019

AMO Shield and AMO Blade sports sunglasses in use in France !

 It is hard to find great sport sunglasses that are suited to your sport.

As a cyclist and triathlete I am benefitting tremendously from the using the AMO Blade and AMO Shield sport sunglasses and they now are vital pieces of equipment in regular use in my training and racing in France.

My favourite features of the AMO Shield and AMO Blade sports sunglasses are the photochromic lenses. These superb lenses make it easier to spot pot holes in changing light conditions are particularly when riding under trees on a bright day. The AMO photochromic lenses are also crystal clear! These two factors have increased my confidence in riding while descending allowing me to go faster and improve my technical ability.

I am currently training and racing in France for 3 months and the AMO sports sunglasses are in constant use whether on the road and even on my leisure time. I particularly like the AMO Shield sport sunglasses with its oversized lens with no frame which helps me see my soundings as well as protecting my eyes from bugs, wind and weather giving me clearer vision overall.

The AMO Shield and AMO Blade sport sunglasses are also great for cycling as the interchangeable lenses mean they can be used for all lighting conditions. The temple arms can also be swapped for different colours depending on the sport kit I am wearing. The AMO sport sunglasses are also incredibly lightweight so while I am riding I barely notice they’re on, allowing me to focus on the road therefore increasing my safety.

Having just arrived in Brittany, France and I tried the AMO Shield sport sunglasses for the first time. It was hot and sunny so I swapped to the darker lenses to suit the conditions. They offered me 100% UV protection, another great safety feature for my eyes. They were perfect for my relatively short ride in which I explored nearby areas, I had a break in a small village called Moncontour before summiting Mont Bel-Air which is 2.3km climb not far from where I was staying.


These 2 pairs of AMO sports sunglasses now have a permanent place in my sports kit bag considering all the benefits I have already described. I cannot wait to race in the AMO sport sunglasses as I am sure their quality and functionality will optimize my performance.

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