3 Jan 2017

AMO Sunglasses wins "2016 Sports Product of the Year"

It is always great when people appreciate your products and even better when reviewers consider your product is the "best in its class".

This year the website "Sports Product Review" which reviews hundreds of products from around the world each year awarded its sport product of the year review to AMO Sunglasses for its Transformer sports sunglasses. This review called "Up and running" can be found here.

Their reason for selecting AMO Sunglasses was because they were "wowed" by AMO's innovation, creativity and quality in creating a sports product which solved needs and made athletes better.

They were also impressed by the minds of the entrepreneurs behind AMO Sunglasses who saw solutions to problems, ways to improve old processes, and exhibited the creativity and drive to bring these ideas to life.

Tim Hallworth, co-founder of AMO Sunglasses said that "AMO was we proud to accept this award and it demonstrates the thought and effort that has gone into designing and making sure that AMO sunglasses use only the best sunglasses materials possible. We invite other reviewers to consider the AMO sport sunglasses products as they exceeds other sports sunglasses brands in quality, material and functionality."

3 January 2017

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Typhoon series

Ultra lightweight, ultra strong for ultra runners


Thunderstorm series

Optical clarity and protection for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes


Transformer series

Lightweight performance and strength for triathletes


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