Mo Devlin - trail/ultra tuner

I have a couple of pairs of AMO sunglasses and I love them. They are great quality and the lenses are the best I’ve had. The photochromic lenses are especially good and I have no problem switching lenses in and out. They are a great fit and very comfortable. I can definitely recommend them based on my experience


Al Beckers - ultra runner

I got my AMO now for almost 2 years and never had a complain about them. Regarding to lens changing when I received my glasses I actually had a look at the videos they provide in order to change the lenses and it works fine. I

have three different glasses and change them frequently sometime even when I am on the trails. They glasses are excellent at least for me and while very light they they do not move and what’s best that you can customise the glasses. 

In the meantime my wife also choose AMO and she is very found of them already.



Ironman Triathlete Chris Currie, Shanghai

Overall presentation and packaging of the glasses was excellent and looked very professional. Glasses look at feel great, very clear visual and comfortable to wear. 

Casey Morgan - ultra runner

My 3 favourite things about AMO glasses are, they don't fog when I'm working hard on climbs even in the hottest of conditions, they don't move when I'm running downhill on technical trails and the variety of lenses available means that I always have the perfect pair of glasses for whichever conditions I'm racing in. As a bonus, they look awesome too!!

Janine Canham - ultra runner

I love my AMO sunglasses! I used to prefer running without sunglasses before as I couldn't find the right ones to run in. But my AMO sunglasses are perfect as they are super light, fit really well and have great lenses from the photochromic lenses which allow me me to see shapes and contours clearly on trail races to the polarised ones I wore in Antarctica. Plus you get great personalised service from the owners! I am a big fan.

Rowena Berroya - runner and mountain biker

I am an occasional trail runner and mountain biker and loves to spend my spare time outdoors. AMO sunglasses caught my attention because all my runner friends are using tem. I went to the shop to try them all, and found that the Transformer sunglasses fit my face perfectly. I have been running with them since; they are so light, you won't even notice it. It is as if it's morphed into my skin. Now all my friends think they look very cool, too. The interchangeable lenses also add variation and value to my moods.

Olya Korzh - ultra runner and personal trainer

I like AMO sunglasses because I can choose from a variety of lenses to use on a particular day to fit the weather conditions perfectly. I love the adjustable temple arms that ensure that the sunglasses stay in place the whole time during the race or training

Dan Falconar - Triathlete and IT professional

For me, my AMO Transformer sunglasses are essential training/race kit. Perfect function: eye protection, multiple lenses that are photochromic to adapt to different light levels. Perfect form: light, durable, close fitting. Stylish too! I don't leave home without them

Richard E Atkins, procurement manager and ironman triathlete

I was searching for a true ergonomic pair of sports sunglasses for triathlon. Several other brands disappointed me due to fogging up and making the vision blurred. AMO's Twister sunglasses answered all my requests and also exceeded my expectations. Thank you Tim for introducing me to your brand. I will wear with pride and honour.

Richard Yong, Cyclist and Triathlete

"I own 3 pairs of Oakleys. And I have to say that these AMO shades are the best ones I've ever worn. Those transition lens were clear when going thru dim wooded areas, and gave needed protection when it was sunny."

Yeah. Hands down the best pair of shades I've ever owned.

Mark Leeper, Mountain Biker

Last Sunday, I nervously rode up to Tin Pin Shan Mountain Bike Race in Hong Kong and wore my new AMO sunglasses. I have to say that my AMO sunglasses did their job perfectly, transitioning nicely from the cloudy early morning to provide the protection I needed as the sun gradually shone through. I would recommend AMO sunglasses for mountain bikers and they are truly exceptional.

Torben Kristensen, race car driver and cyclist

AMO sunglasses are by far the best sunglasses I have ever had. The clarity of the lenses are extraordinary and the frames can be adjusted so they fit and stay in place. I have always had trouble with my sunglasses sitting too low so I would get glare above the frame. These fit so well that this does not happen.

Wong Ho Fai, sales executive and ultra runner

No other brand fits on my face like AMO sunglasses. The adjustable nose-piece means and temple arms means that they are suit to the typical flat Asian face. I also love the lack of bottom edge to the lenses which means sweat is not trapped at the rim and it improves my vision on the trails. I can recommend AMO sunglasses to trail runners.


Hayley Pamensky Goldberg, triathlete and teacher

They look amazing. Been wearing mine in the blistering heat in Melbourne on bikes and runs and they have been awesome. No sliding off the nose, no steamy lenses! :) Like the black frames.

Verlie Bunao, ultra runner

I wore AMO sunglasses during the first half of the Vibram 100km race. They helped when my eyes were getting tired across the direct sun and shady areas of the course. They were very comfortable, stuck to my face and were easily adjusted to fit my face and head.

Olaf Kasten, Ironman triathlete, business owner and consultant

I had the chance to test the AMO sunglasses at Ironman Western Australia in December 2013 on my way my personal best time of 8h48 and an age-group win. The AMO sunglasses had great optical clarity, were comfortable and fitted perfectly. I can definitely recommend them.

David Brown, project manager and triathlete

The sunglasses were great, very light and comfortable.

Arnaut Picuit, Ironman triathlete and ultra runner

I wore them nearly all the time on the Oxfam Trailwalker, it was a bright day and the lenses were excellent even in the low light of the trees and I forgot they were on my face. The quality of AMO sunglasses surpassed my expectations.

Jesse Smith, footwear factory manager and ultra runner

AMO Sunglasses were an essential part of my Oxfam Trailwalker 100k race kit, providing unbelievable clarity even in the changing lighting conditions we experienced on a particularly sunny race day. AMO's grabby nose and ear pieces eliminated slip and bounce, even in hot weather, with no need to re-adjust. It's like seeing the trail in hi-def.

Colin Clark, construction director and ultra runner

I used AMO sunglasses for the Oxfam trailwalker and wore them all day and found them so comfortable I forgot they were on my face.

Guido Eugen Glowania, health technology director and ultra runner

I like technology when it improves your life without you realizing it’s there. AMO sunglasses did all that on a very sunny OTW race day: providing untroubled protection and comfort so I could focus on the race.


Martin Kenard teacher, ultra runner and marathoner

I used AMO sunglasses for the Oxfam 100km and found them light and comfortable. They offered sufficient protection against the bright sunlight, without impairing my vision in any way.

Neil Galiford, property director, triathlete and ultra runner

I am super impressed with the lenses in my AMO sunglasses. The tint is at just the right level to reduce glare when the sun is out and let's me still see well in cloudy conditions. The most impressive aspect though is the clarity of view, it's crystal clear and better than my naked eye. I'm not sure how they manage that.

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