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You have selected the super versatile Ironcatcher sports sunglass with the AMO unique interchange temple arm and lenses system with a premium polycarbonate mirror finish dark lens.
This sunglasses has the following features:
• It complies with European standards
• it provides100% UVA/UVB protection
• It's lenses are class 1 optical clarity with resolving power greater > 28 on the NBS index
• The frame is made from Grilamid®TR-90
• It has adjustable TPR® nose pieces
• It has Hytrel® flexible temple arms
• The lenses have hydrophobic and anti scratch lens coatings
• Interchangeable lens system and temple arms using AMO’s Fit-lock® syste

Meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.
Frames made from Grilamid TR90: lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stand up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures.
Exceptionally lightweight, comfortable during long workouts.
TPR® (thermoplastic rubber) fully adjustable soft-rubber nose pieces, adjustable in three dimensions: nose width, distance away from the face and height on the face. This means the sunglasses will fit perfectly, not slip down your nose and will not bounce on your face during exercise. TPR® gets stickier when exposed to heat and sweat, reducing slipping of the sunglasses on the nose.
Hytrel® soft-rubber fully adjustable temple arms designed to be bent to shape and moulded to fit the head, significantly improving comfort and preventing rubbing and movement during exercise.
Inter-changeable temple arms to alter the look and 'individualise’ your sunglasses
Multiple lenses provided with AMO’s 'click-lock’® lens system.
Hard wearing, durable, lightweight, matt black case
Bullet shaped, extremely hard wearing, durable, matt silver case (heavier than the Sport Case)


Tuesday, 23 June 2015
The day before the race I was really unsure if I needed sunnies or not. The weather was often overcast with some rain and intermittent sun. In the end I thought I would put them in my transition bag just in case and I am so glad I did. The ride started off with some sun, however over the ride the weather changed dramatically. It went from sunny, to overcast, to pissing with rain to sunny again. I left on my sunnies the whole time and they were just fantastic. In the sun of course they kept out the glare, in the rain they protected my eyes and then when it stopped raining I was amazed at how quickly they dried out and were clear again. I recall during the run in Taiwan it was so hot and I was throwing water over my head and actually forgot I had my sunnies on me. Really impressed and I would not want to do a race again with my AMO.
Michael Ormiston
Thursday, 04 June 2015
I wore my AMO Transformer sunglasses training-for and during the Challenge Taiwan 113k distance triathlon. It's easier for sunglasses to do what they are supposed to on a run, but on the bike, especially with an aero helmet and down low in aero position where vision is already reduced- that's when the difference between good and great becomes clear. I had problems before with my sunglasses fogging up at the very top (where I need them to be totally clear as that is the limited field of vision on the TT bike), and also constantly slipping down my nose. AMO's adjustable nose clips and adjustable arms made the slipping problem a non-issue, even when sweating. As far as fogging- none, not even under humid conditions, and the NXT lens made for a perfectly clear, glare-free view of the road. On long-course triathlons, you're going to feel the pain sooner or later and discomfort from your gear is the last thing you need. You want gear that you simply forget about, because it's that comfortable and does the job so well. I forgot I was wearing sunglasses- that's a mark of an excellent product. I only race and train in AMO.
Jarek Barc
Saturday, 30 May 2015
I'm a sunglasses snob. Not the designer, Hollywood movie producer type of glasses, but rather sports sunglasses. It comes from living at high altitudes in the sunny American west (Leadville, Colorado at 3200 meters) where you pretty much don't go outside without putting them on. And they are a required tool for skiing, biking, climbing and running. I've had hundreds of pairs--every brand known--and the new pair of AMO's are the best I've had. First, the fit is perfect; they hug your face without pinching, coverage and aero is complete, and they vent fog out well. Second, the lenses are remarkable quality that you don't see in other brands. Clarity is critical when you need to make decisions in split seconds on the slope, road or trail. And third, the quality and fit of the glasses saves your eyes when you've been out for hours and are fatigued. These are the real deal in a sea of knockoffs and fashion over function glasses. Plus my 11 year old daughter thinks they look cool!
Charles Bedford
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