NXT Photochromic Revo Orange/Gold Lens (Typhoon)

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NXT Photochromic Revo Orange/Gold Lens (Typhoon)


•Material: Trivex®NXT
•Standard: Exceeds International Standards (ASIZ80.3.2008/EN ISO12312:213/AS/NZS 1067:2003)
•UVA/UVB protection: 100% up to 400nm
•Thickness: 1.8mm (Ultra strong & very high impact resistance)
•Clarity: Class 1 optical clarity/resolving power greater > 28 on NBS index/Abbe value > 45
•Thickness: 1.8mm (Ultra strong & very high impact resistance)
•Colour/Tint:Pink-smoke/category 1-2 (low to medium )
•Coatings :Hydrophobic and anti-scratch lens coatings
•Fits: Typhoon series: Nimbus, Cirrus and Gale

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Lens option using lenses made of Trivex NXT®. Improved optical clarity over Polycarbonate.
All AMO lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.
Hydrophobic lens coating which repels moisture, water and sweat and will also repel skin oils and other contaminates.
Anti-fog lens coating option. This factory-applied coating significantly reduces condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging.
Photo-chromic lenses option: darkens or lightens in response to sunlight levels. AMO's photo chromic lenses will darken significantly in 1 minute.
Low haze and high optical clarity values. All AMO sunglasses are rated greater than 28 on the NBS clarity index
Scratch resistant coating which makes the surface of polycarbonate and NXT lenses nearly as hard as glass.


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