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Cycling sunglasses : AMO designs sports sunglasses for cyclists Cycling sunglasses : AMO designs sports sunglasses for cyclists

Cyclists need sports sunglasses that give them protection against grit, dust and insects, the sun’s harmful UV rays, provide superb optics and yet are stylish and distinctive.

Cyclists need cycling sunglasses that are so comfortable that they cannot feel them on their face on those long bike rides. Cycling sunglasses should not move on the face or slide down the nose due to sweat.

At AMO we understand these requirements and have developed a range of cycling sunglasses which will uniquely suit the needs of cyclists. AMO's cycling sunglasses are super comfortable and super lightweight.

The design of AMO's cycling sunglasses are all ‘half rimmed frames’ which means they are more lightweight than full-framed sunglasses and provide better all round vision so that you can see all of the road in front of you. The half-rimmed frames have no bottom part to the frame which allows water and sweat to drip quickly off the lenses.

AMO's cycling sunglasses are ‘super sticky’ due to soft adjustable nose pieces and temple arms. AMO's adjustable nose pieces and adjustable temple arms also allow snug fitting even on the smallest head.

AMO's cycling sunglasses lenses provide the protection that cyclists want as they use shatterproof high-quality polycarbonate or the latest NXT lens materials. These lens materials also provide superb optical characteristics and excellent definition even in the low light conditions of early morning and evenings.

The temple arms of AMO's cycling sunglasses are specifically designed with a flat profiled temple arm so they fit easily and comfortably in between the straps of your bike helmet.

But that is not all. AMO recognises that cyclists spend a lot of time exposed to the sun and require a pair of cycling sunglasses that stylishly wrap around the face and block 100% of the sun's damaging UVA/UVB rays.

AMO did not stop there with its cycling sunglasses. In order to provide the best sunglasses for cyclists they also added either hydrophobic coatings to its lenses which shed water and sweat or anti-fog coatings which prevent fogging up during exercise.

AMO's cycling sunglasses also have vented lenses to limit fogging up or that annoying misting over of the lenses.

AMO's cycling sunglasses are engineered for cyclists by a cyclist and field tested by cyclists to ensure you get the best cycling sunglasses.

The result is that AMO's cycling sunglasses are among the best sunglasses for cyclists and ideal for all conditions and roads.

AMO's cycling sunglasses features:

  • Superb optics
  • Impact protection up to ANSI87.1 providing protection from wind, dust and insects
  • Adjustable temple arms and nose pieces so that the sunglasses do not slip down your nose while cycling
  • Hydrophobic or anti-fog lens coatings
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Vented lenses to limit fogging up or that annoying misting over the lenses
  • AMO's "Clicklock" system with lens interchangeability (selected models only)
  • Super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as Grilamid TR90 frame material

AMO's cycling sunglasses are engineered and designed by cyclists and field tested by cyclists to ensure you get the very best sports sunglasses.

Find out more about AMO's cycling sunglasses technology and visit our shop to purchase AMO cycling sunglasses.


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AMO cycling sunglasses

Mask series

Blade (black) - pictured with pc polarized photochromic medium lens. Also available in Shield(Blue)

201708775 拷贝

Typhoon series

Nimbus (white) - pictured with optional NXT polarised dark lens. Also available in Cirrus (yellow), Gale (pink)


Transformer series

Ironcatcher (black) - pictured with Revo blue lens. Also available in Prowler (white)


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