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AMO sports sunglasses are used by ultra runners, mountain-bikers, cyclists, triathletes and in other endurance sports. They are ultra lightweight, very strong and are packed with the features needed by athletes. Across the AMO range you'll find helpful icons and explanations of each feature - and the complete range of AMO features is explained here.


Design feature

 Design benefit


Meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements


AMO sports sunglasses comply with minimum standards in the European Union and internationally. Whilst other countries have other standards, AMO has based its sunglasses around the standards set by the European Union.




Low haze and high optical clarity values

AMO lenses are exceptionally clear with low haze or fogginess and wearers are able to make out greater detail even in low light conditions, offering superb optical clarity. All AMO sports sunglasses comply with this standard. All AMO sunglasses have an optical power greater than 28 on the NBS index (the measurement used to define clarity). Only those lenses manufactured using the highest quality materials and processes can achieve these high NBS values.


Sports sunglasses frames made from Grilamid® TR90


AMO frame material is lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stand up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures. AMO frames are made from Grilamid® TR90 - the original and highest quality TR90 product manufactured by EMS-GRIVORY Corporation in Switzerland. 




Every component in AMO sunglasses are exceptionally strong, yet they are made from new lightweight materials, making them comfortable during long workouts and events.


Three-dimentionaly adjustable soft-rubber nose pieces


AMO sunglasses nose pieces can be adjusted in three dimensions: nose width, distance away from the face and height on the face. This means that AMO sunglasses will fit perfectly, not slip down your nose and will not bounce on your face during exercise. 


Adjustable temple arms with comfortable, dynamic grip


AMO sunglasses have adjustable temple arms, made from an advanced lightweight material, designed to be bent to shape, and moulded to fit and softly grip the head. AMO sunglasses will fit almost any head comfortably and will not move during exercise. AMO temple arms are made from Hytrel®: strong, durable, lightweight, heat and chemical resistant, and which increases its grip and comfort when wet or sweaty.


Inter-changeable temple arms



The temple arms of the TRANSFORMER sunglasses are interchangeable, to alter the look and 'individualise’ the sunglasses. AMO's TRANSFORMER sunglasses come with a second extra set of none-adjustable two-tone colour temple arms.

* TRANSFORMER series only


Multiple lenses provided with AMO’s 'click-lock’ lens system




The TRANSFORMER series comes with 1 lens option: but is designed to easily exchange lenses so you can use a dark lens for sunny days, a lighter lens for overcast days and shade and AMO’s super-cool 'REVO' red lens.


Lens feature

 Lens benefit


Lenses made of a 100% high-quality polycarbonate

AMO lenses are made from shatterproof polycarbonate, a thermoplastic that offers 100 percent protection from the sun's harmful UV light and up to 10 times more impact-resistant than plastic or glass lenses. There is a big range in the quality of polycarbonate lenses on the market and AMO has taken great care in selecting its lens manufacturers. AMO does not use glass or Triacetate Cellulose or TAC lenses or CR-39 which whilst optically good will shatter on impact. Polycarbonate is the only real choice for sports sunglasses.


Lenses made of Trivex NXT®

There is an 'option' for this lens to be provided in Trivex NXT® lens material. This is rival a lens material to polycarbonate and uses a proprietary manufacturing process patented by PPG Industries. Trivex NXT is composed of a urethane-based monomer and is made from a cast moulding process, offering advantages over polycarbonate lenses:

  • crisper optics 
  • approx. 10 percent lighter
  • comparable impact resistance
  • higher Abbe value and sharper peripheral vision with less chromatic aberration
  • block 100 percent of the sun's UV rays without the need for special UV-blocking coatings





Hydrophobic lens coating

Lenses with a hydrophobic treatment added to the surface to repel moisture, water and sweat and will also repel skin oils and other contaminates. Hydrophobic surfaces are also anti-static so that dust and dirt particles are not attracted and they clean easier than lenses that do not have hydrophobic coatings. For the athlete it means that the lens will be less easy to smudge and will keep cleaner and clearer for longer. 


Anti-fog lens coating

Some AMO lenses have an anti-fog option - a coating added to the surface of the lens during manufacture and is most useful in colder climates. This factory-applied coating significantly reduces condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging. This option is available on a limited range of AMO lenses.



REVO, intense colour lens coating

Revo coatings offer a super-cool cosmetic effect - a multi-layered coating on the surface of the lens which gives a colourful rainbow, effect. Revo coatings also reduce light by 2 to 5 % so may cause a lens to become darker, though in many cases this is not noticeable. Revo coated lenses are slightly more susceptible to scratching than other AMO lenses. 


Photo chromic lenses that darken and lighten in response to sunlight levels


Photo chromic lenses are ideal when the lighting conditions are changing, for example while in trees and woods and are popular with trail runners and mountain bikers. When exposed to sunlight AMO's photo chromic lenses will darken significantly in 1 minute and then continue to darken very slightly over the next 15 minutes. 


Scratch resistant lens coating

Wearers can (up to a point) abuse their sunglasses more than cheaper varieties, without the fear of getting surface scratches. Polycarbonate and NXT materials have a relatively soft surface. AMO's scratch-resistant coatings can make the surface of polycarbonate and NXT lenses nearly as hard as glass. This does not mean they will not scratch altogether!


Polarised lens

Polarising lenses reduce the glare from reflective surfaces in bright light and are popular with cyclists where they will be milder on the eyes. AMO polarized lenses are treated with a special chemical film that neutralizes glare; objects are much clearer and the harmful effects of glare (and light in general) on the eyes are reduced. Polarised lenses are slightly more susceptible to scratch than AMO's none polarized lenses, which offer outstanding scratch resistance.


Lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB light

AMO sunglasses will block 100 percent of both the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Skip sunglasses that neglect to offer details about UV protection. Keep in mind that the color and degree of darkness has nothing to do with sunglasses' ability to block UV rays. AMO sunglasses are also wraparound sunglasses or close-fitting sunglasses with wide lenses that protect the wearer’s eyes from every angle.


Sports feature

 Sports benefit


Suitable for cycling

AMO sunglasses have been engineered to stick to the wearer’s face during cycling, they can be adjusted to sit higher up on the face and importantly not slip down your nose when cyclist’s tuck their head down on the bike.


Suitable for running

AMO sunglasses have been engineered not to move during running and have a number of features such as adjustable temple arms and nose pieces as well as soft sticky rubber nose and temple ends which make this possible.


Suitable for trail running

AMO sunglasses have been engineered not to move during trail running and have a number of features such as adjustable temple arms and nose pieces as well as rubber temples which make them stay in place even when the head is moving around. AMO sunglasses also come in a come in a number of lens types which are suitable for changing lighting conditions encountered on trail runs.


Suitable for mountain biking

Mountain bikers need sunglasses with a good impact resistance against branches and objects that may hit the lenses. AMO sunglasses comply with ANSI87.1 which means that can stop a 1/4 inch ball bearing traveling at 150ft/sec from hitting an eye. AMO sunglasses also come in a come in a number of lens types which are suitable for changing lighting conditions encountered on mountain bike trails.


Suitable for triathlon

AMO sunglasses are designed and engineered by triathletes for triathletes. High optical clarity, impact resistance, performance lens coatings and lightweight materials make AMO sunglasses suited to the demands of ultra-running, marathon running and endurance cycling.





AMO ‘sports case’ provided


AMO sunglasses come in a traditional sports sunglasses case: matt black in colour, durable, lightweight and hard wearing. This case is offered as standard with all AMO sunglass purchases.


AMO ‘bullet case’ provided


AMO sunglasses can optionally be provided with a 'matt silver' bullet-shaped, metal case. This case is very cool, quite different from normal sports cases, extremely hard wearing, and durable but a little heavier than the sports case.

The AMO range...

Thunderstorm series

Protection and clarity for cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes

Firestorm (red) - pictured with mirror-finish medium-dark lens. Also available in Snowstorm (white), Twister (green)


Typhoon series

Lightweight and comfort for ultra runners, marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes

Nimbus (white) - pictured with optional NXT polarised dark lens. Also available in Cirrus (yellow), Gale (pink)


Transformer series

Strong and lightweight for multisports athletes including ultra runners, marathon runners, cyclists, mountain bikers and triathletes

Ironcatcher (black) - pictured with Revo blue lens. Also available in Prowler (white)


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