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Advanced technology, design performance, superior functionalityAdvanced technology, design performance, superior functionalityAdvanced technology, design performance, superior functionality

‘Designed by athletes’

Our sunglass designers are multi-sport athletes themselves and their intimate knowledge of the wearer's needs has enabled AMO to design sports sunglasses that meet every need of the serious multi-sport athlete. It was while trying to replace a broken pair of expensive sports sunglasses and not being able to find a pair that contained all of the features needed in endurance sports, that AMO's founders set about their journey to create sport sunglasses that did.

When designing sports sunglasses AMO looked very closely the different conditions faced in triathlon, trail running, ultra-running, marathon running, cycling and mountain-biking. It looked into all of the different environments and terrains faced, the different light conditions and the ways in which sports sunglasses are used. For example a cyclist holds a crouched and composed position in the saddle for very long periods, focusing on the road; a trail runner makes rapid movements of the head shifting focus in all directions.

AMO then researched and analysed all of the different materials and manufacturing processes available and looked at the sunglasses features needed for each sport - in all conditions and all environments, including testing lenses in all light conditions.

The result has inspired the design of a range of highly-advanced sports sunglasses that meet all of the needs of multi-sports athletes.

AMO sports sunglasses are highly adjustable and will fit almost every face and head perfectly. They are designed to hold firm and will not move or bounce around during exercise, so that the wearer will hardly even know they are wearing them.

The nose pieces can be adjusted in three dimensions: nose width, distance away from the face and height on the face, to ensure a perfect fit for all face shapes.


The temple ends are straight and rest comfortably on the head and are designed to be bent to fit different head shapes and sizes. The temple arms are slim and contoured: designed to slide under bike helmets and running hats and grip the head comfortably. The temple ends make use of an advanced material called Hytrel®, this advanced thermoplastic  material grips even when wet or covered with sweat.



The rubber contact points with the head are soft and designed to provide comfort during long workouts, yet are not so soft that they feel sticky or are not durable - another feature that AMO designers and athletes have really thought about to produce the very best sports sunglasses.

AMO sports sunglasses meet the highest safety standards for impact resistanceAMO sports sunglasses meet the highest safety standards for impact resistanceAMO sports sunglasses meet the highest safety standards for impact resistance

‘Safe for your sport’

All AMO's sports sunglasses meet international safety requirements and are designed to minimise injury during impact or falls. Traditional lenses can break on impact and inflict serious injury to the eyes. AMO sports sunglass lenses will help protect the eye if the wearer falls or is hit. 

AMO's lens materials have been tested to international standards and will not easily break or crack, even though they are a shaped rimless frame.

The frame of sports sunglasses plays a significant role in protecting the eyes against the sun’s harmful rays and in guaranteeing a full visual field. AMO's sports sunglasses are only available in half-rim styles where only the top part of the lens is secured to the frame. Half-rimmed sports sunglasses give the sunglasses structural solidity yet still ensuring better visibility than the full rim alternative. The half design provides a wide field of vision which is ideal for cyclists and runners who must have a perfect view of the terrain to avoid obstacles on the road, path or trail.. The half rim design has no bottom frame and the absence of material surrounding the lens offers a broader field of vision and, at the same time, ensures a lighter, more balanced and flexible structure for the sports sunglasses.


AMO’s customers also have the choice of either NXT lenses, pure polycarbonate and Zeiss lenses. NXT's proprietary manufacturing process produces lenses that are simply outstanding and are the top sports sunglasses lenses available on the market for optical clarity and impact protection. NXT lenses are made with Trivex®  material, developed for the US military, and used in the windscreens of the Apache helicopter. Now that's safe!

AMO's sports sunglasses generally comply with ANSI Z87.1.2003 (American National Standards Institute) safety standards and have Class 1 optical clarity. They provide 100% UV eye protection and clear and undistorted vision.

AMO's sports sunglasses wrap-around the face giving greater protection around the eye area, reducing stray light and helping to prevent particles or dust from entering the eyes. AMO sports sunglass lenses are available air-vented to minimise lens fogging and keep the eye area cool.



‘Lightweight = comfort’

The best sports sunglasses are the ones that you don't even know are there! To achieve this they have to be lightweight and comfortable.

Lightweight sports sunglasses are particularly important for runners as the jogging motion can cause sunglasses to move around on the face and can also cause bruising and pinching on the nose and temples. At AMO we believe that lightweight and comfort go hand in hand. AMO's sport sunglasses are designed to be ultra lightweight and cause no discomfort to the wearer.


AMO's sports sunglasses frames are made of the best Grilamid TR90® material available; it is super strong, durable, extremely lightweight, resistant to chemicals and UV light and more flexible than traditional plastic or metal  frames. Athletes will notice the difference.


Depending on the model and lens options selected, AMO's lenses are made from either polycarbonate or Trivex NXT®. Both are very strong, yet extremely lightweight. Athletes will notice the difference when compared to with traditional, low quality or cheaper lens materials. 

AMO sports sunglasses are incredibly lightweight, yet incredibly strongAMO sports sunglasses are incredibly lightweight, yet incredibly strongAMO sports sunglasses are incredibly lightweight, yet incredibly strong

‘Comfort during those long workouts’

To make super comfortable sports sunglasses AMO has paid great attention to the places that the sunglasses make contact with the face and head.

AMO's sports sunglasses have special soft nose pads and adjustable temple arms so that the frames adapt to almost any type of face and ensure a comfortable and adjustable fit.  

The nose pieces  are designed so that they will not pinch and the large nose pads are ridged and made of a soft anti-allergenic thermoplastic rubber  (called TPR)to keep the sunglasses secure on your face and prevent them sliding down your nose. 

The temple ends can also be adjusted by applying gentle pressure to mould them to your head to improve fit and comfort. AMO employs a no-slip thermoplastic  material called Hytrel® which does not fail in the heat of the moment and will grip even when wet or covered in sweat. These refinements ensure maximum comfort and a perfect fit for every wearer and for every workout.



‘Strong yet flexible’

Strength and flexibility was high on the agenda when AMO first started the journey to create the best sports sunglasses available. It was a too-easily broken pair of expensive sports sunglasses that first inspired AMO's founders to create something better. And they don't disappoint.

AMO's sports sunglasses will not break easily, whether it's a lens being struck by an object  flicked up from the road/trail or being struck by a branch on a mountain bike trail, or whether the sunglasses are - dropped or bashed. 

Strength 'designed in'

AMO has designed its frames with strength 'designed in' so that when the frames are under stress they are far less likely to shatter  or be damaged. The frames will 'give' a little in some places, yet 'hold firm' in others: AMO frames will withstand the rigour of endurance sport. And AMO frames are made from Grilamid TR-90® from Switzerland – strong, flexible and lightweight: the best material to make sports sunglasses frames from.  

AMO lenses, likewise, are designed to withstand dropping, scratching, bashing and impacts. They generally comply with international safety standards, including ANSI Z87.1.2003 for impact resistance. This means that AMO lenses will protect the eye even when the lenses are hit by a quarter-inch steel ball-bearing travelling at 150ft per second!

As well as impact, AMO lenses are also less prone to scratch damage - a super-strong anti-scratch coating has been applied to AMO lenses: meaning that your sports sunglasses will stay looking good and retain their optical clarity. (*AMO guarantees its lenses against scratching under normal usage. This guarantee excludes REVO coatings and polarized lenses which are more prone to scratching than the virtually indestructible standard AMO polycarbonate  and NXT lenses.)

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