Lens coatings

  • Hydrophobic coatings
  • Anti-fog coatings
  • Revo coatings
  • Anti-scratch coatings

Practicality 'engineered in'


AMO sports sunglasses lenses have a 'washable hydrophobic coating' which means water or sweat simply rolls off the lens. This coating means AMO sunglasses are less prone to smudging, are easier to clean and remove static, and act as a water repellent. Whether covered head-to-toe in sweat or running into driving rain AMO's sports sunglasses will repel all moisture and keep the wearer's vision completely clear.

The washable hydrophobic  coating on AMO sunglasses means the contact angle of the water on the lens is greater that 100 percent and water will form a 'bead' and roll off the lens without streaking. This feature is important in critical situations when water is being flicked up from the road when cycling or when water droplets get on the sunglasses lenses due to sweat or rain.

Hydrophobic coatings are an important performance feature for multi-sport athletes, which is why they are widely used across the AMO sports sunglass range. 

Dependability 'engineered in'


Optional AMO lenses have a special 'washable' anti-fog coating' to prevent them from fogging up during training and racing. Many sports sunglasses purport anti-fogging features, however, they can deteriorate, especially after repeated washing. AMO's sports sunglasses lenses are different as their anti-fog coating will remain longer, even after repeated washing of the lenses. Anti-fog coatings are a useful performance feature, particularly for runners where there is less airflow around the sunglasses compared with cycling.

And AMO anti-fog coatings don't impede clarity, unlike some anti-fog coatings on the market.

Intensity 'engineered in'

Revo lenses have a dramatic, intense coloured effect - a coloured coating added during the manufacturing process. They look simply stunning.

The colour is not placed uniformly on its surface resulting in a 'rainbow' effect on the lens. Revo comes in variety of colours from blue, black-red, purple, green and yellow. Revo coatings offer no additional optical performance and are purely aesthetic.

Some models of AMO's lenses  have Revo coatings as they look cool, and match nicely to the frame colours. Revo coatings tend to be popular with athletes who like to match their sunglasses to their kit. AMO's sports sunglasses come in a wide variety of lens colours: dark, medium dark, light and of course the Revo colours. 

Note the Revo coating is more susceptible to scratching than AMO's other lenses. The AMO lifetime guarantee does not include scratches to the Revo coatings.

Longevity 'engineered in'

Even the best sports sunglasses lenses are not scratch-proof.

The polycarbonate and NXT lens materials used in AMO's sports sunglasses have a relatively soft surface and therefore could be easily scratched. To top that multi-sports athletes are tough on their sports sunglasses and tend to throw them around and use them in the most extreme environments.

AMO understands this issue and all of its sports sunglasses lenses are treated with a special silicon-based anti-scratch coating on both sides to minimise even fine hairline scratches and will extend the life of the sunglasses even in the most extreme environments.

AMO's scratch-resistant coating makes the surface of the lens much harder and more resistant to scratching, whether from dropping them on the floor, allowing the lens surfaces to rub against other surfaces or leaving them in a sports bag rather than in their case, or just cleaning them with a paper towel.

Since scratch-resistant coatings are an optional addition for many lens manufacturers, they are often not included on cheaper or sports casual sunglasses. 

Keep in mind that even the best scratch-resistant coating cannot completely protect your sports sunglasses from wear and tear. To keep sports sunglasses scratch-free it is best to keep the sunglasses in their case and to clean sports sunglasses with a microfiber cloth.

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